Loyola University Chicago

Department of Psychology

Noni Gaylord-Harden


Title: Professor
Office: 247 Coffey Hall, LSC 
Phone: 773.508.2986 

Background Information
Ph.D., The University of Memphis, 2003
M.S., The University of Memphis, 1999
B.S., University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, 1997
Research Interests
My primary research interest has been in the investigation of stress, coping, and psychosocial functioning in African American adolescents. I examine the effects of stressors in multiple contexts on depression and anxiety in urban, ethnic minority youth.  My research has also examined the role of modifiable protective factors, such as coping strategies and parent-child relationships, among youth in high-risk contexts.  My recent work focuses on exposure to community violence as a stressor for youth in urban communities.  I am interested in examining the variability in community violence exposure, understanding the longitudinal impact of violence exposure on subsequent adolescent functioning, identifying coping strategies that may be both adaptive for community violence exposure, and understanding the process of desensitization to community violence and how it may be linked to subsequent emotional and behavioral functioning. We are using findings of this research to advocate for strengths-based, trauma-responsive services and interventions for adolescents exposed to violence.  The goal of our community- and school-based research is to enhance the well-being of African American youth and families.
Website: PACCT Lab
Recent Publications
Gaylord-Harden, N. K., Bai, G. J., & Simic, D. (in press).  Examining a dual-process model of desensitization and hypersensitization to community violence in African American male adolescents. Journal of Traumatic Stress.
So, S., Gaylord-Harden, N. K., Voisin, D. & Scott, D. (in press). Future orientation as a protective factor for African American adolescents exposed to community violence.  Youth and Society.
Gaylord-Harden, N. K., So, S., Bai, G. J. & Tolan, P. H. (2017). Examining the effects of emotional and cognitive desensitization to community violence exposure in male adolescents of color.  American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 87(4), 463-473.
Gaylord-Harden, N. K., So, S., Bai, G. J., Henry, D. & Tolan, P. H. (2017).  Examining the pathologic adaptation model of community violence exposure in male adolescents of color.  Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, 46(1), 125-135.
Janusek, L. W., Tell, D., Gaylord-Harden, N. K., & Matthews, H. L. (2017).  Relationship of childhood adversity and neighborhood violence to a proinflammatory phenotype in emerging Adult African American men: An epigenetic link. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, 60, 126-135.
Voisin, D. R., Patel, S., Hong, J. S., Takahashi, L. & Gaylord-Harden, N. K. (2016). Behavioral Health Correlates of Exposure to Community Violence among African-American Adolescents in Chicago. Children and Youth Services Review, 69, 97-105.
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Murry, V. M., Berkel, C., Gaylord-Harden, N. K., Copeland, N., & Nation, M. (2011).  Neighborhood, poverty, and adolescent development.  Journal of Research on Adolescence, 21, 114-128.  Invited Paper.  
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