Loyola University Chicago

Department of Psychology


Adrien Winning

Adrien Winning
Training Track: Clinical
Lab: Chicago Healthy Adolescents Transition Study (CHATS) Lab
Advisors: Grayson Holmbeck, Ph.D.
Office: Coffey Hall 345


Adrien is broadly interested in risk and protective factors that contribute to family adjustment to pediatric chronic health conditions. Adrien’s current research examines neurocognitive and family processes that influence adjustment outcomes in youth and young adults with spina bifida.

Masters Thesis Title

Trajectories of Adaptive Functioning Among Youth with Spina Bifida: The Influence of Neurocognitive Functioning and Parental Scaffolding

Masters Thesis Abstract

(in progress)

Masters Thesis Committee

Grayson Holmbeck, PhD; Catherine DeCarlo Santiago, PhD