Loyola University Chicago

Department of Psychology


Chad Osteen

Chad Osteen
Training Track: Applied Social
Lab: Social Cognition and Attitudes Lab   
Advisor: Victor Ottati, Ph.D. 
Office: Coffey Hall LL27
Webpage: LinkedIn


Collective Action, Open-mindedness, & ideology

Masters Thesis Title

The Dogmatism of Decent: How dogmatism affects willingness to protest

Masters Thesis Abstract

The present research examines how dogmatic cognition, as the antithesis to open-minded cognition, mediates the relationship between system justification and an individual’s willingness to become politically active (either disruptive or non-disruptive protest). Anger towards the government is expected to moderate the relationship between dogmatic cognition and willingness to protest. Individuals in the low system justification condition that self-report high dogmatism and anger are expected to be at the highest likelihood of engaging in any kind of protest.

Masters Thesis Committee

Dr. Victor Ottati & Dr. Scott Tindale