Loyola University Chicago

Department of Psychology


Lorri A. Kais

Training Track: Clinical
Lab: Well-being and Emotion Lab at Loyola (WELL)
Advisor: Rebecca Silton, Ph.D.  
Office: Coffey Hall LL06B
Email: lkais@luc.edu 


Lorri is interested in research at the intersection of mental health and cognitive function utilizing psychophysiological and behavioral methods. She is also interested in genetic and developmental disorders and plans on pursuing a career in pediatric neuropsychology. 

Masters Thesis Title

Neural Correlates of Inhibitory Function Following the Implicit Processing of Emotional Faces 

Masters Thesis Committee

Rebecca Silton and Robert Morrison

Dissertation Title

Affect and Cognitive Control: The Influence of Naturalistic Mood on Interference Processing 

Dissertation Abstract

Every day planning and execution of goal-directed human performance is dependent upon cognitive and emotional processes which are inherently interlinked. However, the effect of naturalistic mood states on cognitive control remains relatively unexamined. The present study aims to build upon existing literature regarding affective and executive processes by investigating the relationship between naturally occurring positive and negative mood states and interference processing during the CW-Stroop Task. Based upon mood induction findings within the extant literature, the current study hypothesizes that high levels of self-reported positive state affect will hinder interference processing. In contrast, high levels of self-reported negative state affect are hypothesized to facilitate interference processing. 

Dissertation Committee

Rebecca Silton, Robert Morrison, Colleen Conley, and Jeff Huntsinger