Loyola University Chicago

Department of Psychology


Anna Stefaniak, PhD

Lab: Social Justice & Intergroup Relations Lab
Advisor: Robyn Mallett, Ph.D.
Office: Coffey Hall 231
Email: astefaniak1@luc.edu

2017 Ph.D. in Psychology, University of Warsaw, Poland
2011 M.A. in Psychology, University of Warsaw, Poland
My work is in the field of social psychology of intergroup relations with a special emphasis on social justice, prejudice reduction, and promotion of diversity. In my research project at Loyola I investigate factors that contribute to the privileged groups members’ decision to support minority/disadvantaged group collective action.  Specifically, I analyze the influence of perceiving intergroup relations as a zero-sum game by privileged groups’ members and of justification of the system of racial relations on support for activities that aim at improving disadvantaged groups position in society.