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Information for Suppliers

Doing Business with Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University is pleased to acknowledge all suppliers interested in selling products and services, and it maintains an open, competitive and warm atmosphere in order to establish mutually beneficial business relationships.
Visitation Guidelines
The University’s normal visitation hours, typically by appointment only, are 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  All sales representative contacts with departments other than Purchasing must be arranged through the appropriate University authorized buyer either by the department or the sales representative.
Upon arrival at the campus and location where the meeting is scheduled to take place, each visitor must register with the receptionist/security person in the lobby of each location. The Loyola representative will direct visitors to the proper location. Adherence to this this procedure is essential in order to avoid mishaps and possible sanctions ranging from reprimands to elimination from bidder’s lists. 
University Purchasing Philosophy
The University believes that an open and competitive atmosphere is beneficial to both the buyer and seller. Commitments are made on the basis of the best interests of the University as related to the quality of products, advantageous pricing, delivery practices/performance, ethical business practices, and social and community support. Competitive bid awards are made based on the best evaluated and responsible offer for the overall value to the University.
It is contrary to University policy for suppliers to offer gratuities, entertainment or favors to any University employee who has influence in the procurement decision-making process in a manner which suggests, or gives the appearance that the donor intends to influence the judgment or conduct of the University employee. Promotional gifts or events of nominal value (offered without the expectation of compensation or special consideration) may be considered for acceptance with the approval of Loyola management. Business lunches are permitted on a limited, reciprocal basis as approved by the employee’s management.
Authorization to Commit
Other than for those commitments made with a University ProCard, all suppliers must be aware of the University’s policy as to who may commit the University to contractually binding arrangements (purchase orders, contracts or agreements). It is the supplier’s responsibility to perform work or provide goods only with the properly approved documentation (PO, Contract or Release) from an authorized agent of the University. All contracts and agreements (or other commitment-type documents), including documents used for consulting, technical/professional services, and honoraria, must contain the signature of an authorized agent of the University in order to be binding upon the University. Please verify that your copy of the agreement contains this signature prior to proceeding with work. Without the proper authorization, payment may not be made for products or services rendered.
To be a Standard Supplier to Loyola University Chicago via Purchase Orders
Loyola uses an integrated procurement and financial system, based upon Lawson software applications and databases, to generate purchase orders and produce payments to suppliers, contractors and vendors.  In order to create purchase orders and checks, the system must contain sufficient supplier data for that purpose.  Therefore, to be an eligible provider of goods and services to the University, all suppliers must complete a Supplier Information Form and the appropriate W-9 (domestic) or W-8 BEN (foreign) certificate. Only submit these forms if requested to do so by a University buyer or the Purchasing Department.
The Loyola General Terms & Conditions and Instructions for Purchases are applicable to all transactions made by the University without exception. Standard Terms for Purchases can be found under Purchasing Policies and Procedures. The University objects to any different or additional terms (including any general terms which Seller may have incorporated in any of Seller’s documents) provided to the University.
To be a Standard Supplier to Loyola University Chicago via Credit Card 
Loyola uses a purchasing credit card, called the ProCard, for small dollar purchases (generally up to $5,000). The Procurement Card (ProCard) Program is designed to provide an efficient way to procure business-related goods and services. Under this program, qualified purchases can be charged directly to the ProCard. Those individuals purchasing small dollar goods are expected to be the primary users of the ProCard.
Small Business Can Support Loyola University Chicago

If you are a small business as classified by the Small Business Administration ( http://www.sba.gov ), we ask you to register at the Government's Central Contractor Registration site, https://uscontractorregistration.com, in support of our reporting requirements to external agencies. When registering at this website, you are requested to obtain a DUNS number. There is no charge for obtaining this number. Please contact D&B at 866-705-5711 to obtain your free DUNS Number.
Bids/Proposals/Quotations/Notices of Interest to Participate
The University’s process for bid control requires that final bids, proposals and quotations be submitted directly to the purchasing department or person who issued the request, and not to requesting departments. This process protects both internal and supplier confidential information and pricing data, thereby assuring fair and equitable procurement decisions and supplier treatment. The University uses informal, written formal and sealed bidding processes depending upon the type, complexity and dollar size of the procurement. Bids, quotations and proposals must be received by the specified due date and time; otherwise, bids, quotations and proposals will be considered non-responsive, and will not be accepted.
Equipment for Evaluation or On Supplier Loan
Evaluation/loaned materials and/or equipment become no-charge transactions by which physical custody of property is granted to the University without transfer of title or account­ability. However, the University is accepting the responsibility and possibly the liability for the material's proper use, protection and return. It is, therefore, the policy of the Univer­sity that commitments for loaned articles shall be made only through the Purchasing Department via the purchase order system, and based on the receipt of an approved requisition for loan or evaluation.
Mutually agreeable terms and conditions of the loan/evaluation must be established and a no-charge P.O. issued by the buyer prior to the arrival on University property of any equipment. Supplier items received for evaluation may or may not be purchased or returned, depending upon whether the item(s) meet all necessary user requirements and whether there are any other suppliers providing equally effective items.
It is important to the University that items are delivered promptly according to the date agreed upon when the order was placed. Deliveries should be made in accordance with the instructions on the purchase order/com­mitment document and its incorporated attachments. Normal receiving hours are 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Deliveries tendered at other times must be refused unless an emergency delivery has been requested and prior arrangements have been made. Only authorized persons can receive goods on behalf of the University. Any overshipments in excess of pre-determined allowances will be returned at the supplier's expense.
Invoices are paid based on the terms of the commitment document/purchase order fol­lowing either receipt of the goods, materials, or equipment, or completion of the service(s), unless otherwise stated within the commit­ment document/purchase order. No orders can be paid without a supporting invoice which must reference the commitment docu­ment/purchase order number. The Univer­sity's standard payment terms are net 30 days. Invoices are to be sent via e-mail or surface mail to the attention of the University's Finance Services, Accounts Payable Department, PAYABLES@luc.edu or 820 N. Michigan Ave. LT-602, Chicago, IL 60611.
Supplier Performance
As a matter of good purchasing practice, the University will periodically evaluate all sup­pliers on the basis of actual performance as compared to promised delivery dates, ability to meet rush requirements, quality/acceptabil­ity of products/services, unauthorized split shipments, adherence to agreed upon prices, and overall attention to the University's needs. Subsequent buying decisions are strongly influenced by this evaluation. Unsatisfactory ratings may result in removal from our bidder’s lists.
Cost Savings/Value Analysis
The University has active cost reduction/ savings and value analysis programs. Thus, your ability to promote and maintain low prices consistent with quality and service is of importance to our supplier selection process. Additionally, any suggestions to reduce our procurement costs will be greatly appreciated. Demonstrations of new equipment or displays of new products can also be arranged through the appropriate purchasing area. All equipment on loan or for trial or test must be covered by a no-charge purchase order specifying terms and conditions for each prior to delivery to the University. The University assumes no liability for loaned or trial equipment on Uni­versity property without its being properly accounted for on a University purchase order.
Catalogs and Price Lists
Your interest and assistance are solicited in keeping our files of catalogs, web URLs and other prod­uct literature up-to-date and accurate. It is permissible for departments to independently request catalogs, technical information, and budgetary pricing, providing the communica­tion does not involve the University in any actual or perceived commitment.
Return of Merchandise
We reserve the right to return, at the suppli­er's expense, merchandise that does not meet specifications or comply with the conditions of the commitment document/purchase order.
Parking space at all campuses of the Univer­sity is at a premium. Therefore, sales repre­sentatives are requested to use only autho­rized campus visitor's parking facilities or to park in publicly operated parking lots. Visitors cannot park in restricted University parking areas.
Loyola University Chicago is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation and is organized for any and all charitable, educational, and scientific purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The University is exempt from the payment of the Illinois Retailers’ Occupation tax and other state sales and use taxes on most transactions. Tax exemption certificates will be provided to suppliers who request such documentation.
Sustainable, Green and Recycled Materials
Loyola University Chicago is committed and continually strengthens its sustainability efforts with our campus partners. Buyers and users should utilize suppliers and service providers that make use of, to practicable extent, materials and services that support the University’s sustainability mission.  This should include efforts to conserve energy and water resources, support efficient delivery and supplier programs and reduce waste through reducing, reusing and recycling. The Purchasing Department leverages current supplier relationships to raise awareness of the need to reduce our environmental impact and maximize resource efficiency.