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Morningstar Direct (Local Client Version)

Morningstar Direct (MD) is an Internet-based research platform that enables users to perform in-depth investment analysis. It is best known for its coverage of investments, indexes and its ratings. It is commonly used by individuals working as portfolio managers, investment consultants, financial product managers, professors, wealth managers, and in various other roles.

MD combines peer analysis, holdings-and returns-based style analysis, data customization, and performance analysis in a single platform. Morningstar Direct includes worldwide investment data and global market indexes. With MD’s advanced graphic tools, report builder, pre-formatted reports, and integration with multiple applications, users can effectively conduct and communicate their research findings.

Morningstar Direct (Remote Cloud Version)

Morningstar Direct Cloud, introduced in March 2015, is a web-based investment analysis platform. Many of the currently available features in the desktop client application is also on the cloud version. It is anticipated that all features will be migrated to the web version. The existing web-based analytical capabilities include portfolio analysis, asset allocation, and market monitoring that will support your analysis. The platform features an enhanced investment screener. Topics are updated regularly to keep up with timely research concepts.