How do I login to Qualtrics?  Simply click here to be redirected to the LUC login page.  Use your UVID and password.


How can I learn more about Qualtrics’ capabilities?  You can find information about the features offered by Qualtrics on the publicly available Qualtrics support webpages.  For those who are just getting started with the software, Qualtrics Basecamp provides training videos.


Does the university provide any on-site assistance with Qualtrics?  ITRS will continue to provide help with general survey design as well as support for Qualtrics at the administrative level, for instance, with account issues or permissions issues.

However, for general how-to questions regarding setting up surveys in Qualtrics, users should refer to the Qualtrics support webpages as these provide well-documented instructions on using the features and functionality of the software.


If you feel you need "hands-on" assistance with general survey design (question wording, ordering, or other survey design issues), you can set up an appointment with ITRS by emailing the ITS helpdesk (helpdesk@luc.edu) with your request. ITRS does not provide direct support or training for Qualtrics.


I am working on a project with researchers from another institution. May those researchers have access to Qualtrics at LUC?  Accounts on the LUC subscription are limited to Loyola enrolled students, faculty, and staff. However, you can share your Qualtrics library (survey templates, graphics, files, and messages) via the Collaborate function with individuals who have access to their institution’s Qualtrics subscription.