Advice from Quinlan students for the new school year

Advice from Quinlan students for the new school year

Current Quinlan graduate and undergraduate students offer their advice to new students.

Listening to our peers can be one of the best ways to learn more about our communities. Take a dive into the advice below from current undergraduate and graduate students about making the most out of your time at the Quinlan School of Business.

Advice from Quinlan students

“Understand that you can do anything, but you can't do everything.”
Danielle Kramer
EMBA ’21

“My advice to new students would be to first understand that you can do anything, but you can't do everything. You have to make peace with yourself that for these 22 months, you have to choose some things you will be bad at. This program is so rewarding and challenging. The biggest adjustment is being really good at time management and setting realistic expectations for yourself. My second piece of advice is to find your people. Building a support system within the group changes the game. You make lifelong friends in a short period of time and having them makes the experience that much better.”

“Your network is truly your net worth.”
Jackson Martin
BBA ’21, Marketing

"Something that has always aided me in my Quinlan career is to be open minded about every opportunity that comes your way because you never know where it will lead. I have gotten so many memorable experiences by networking through Quinlan Ambassador events and other opportunities that Quinlan offers. Your network is truly your net worth, and it is easy to grow as a Quinlan student.”

“Constantly take intelligent risks.”
Joshua Nance
MBA ’21

“My advice would be to constantly take intelligent risks with the opportunities that are to be presented to you. Intelligent risks can lead you to your dream job, your future business partner, or simply consume your evening. Every opportunity will not end as a success, but if you continue to take intelligent risks, what you are pursuing—or rather what is pursuing you—will find you in a way that you never anticipated. With the new structure in place due to COVID-19, the opportunities will now be presented in a manner that is new to us all. Regardless, the opportunities will still be there waiting for you to take advantage of them.”

“Remember to pace yourself.”
Brian Nguyen
BBA ’22, Information Systems and Supply Chain Management

“Some advice I would give to Quinlan students is to remember to pace yourself and take a break every little while. I feel like a lot of students forget to just take a breather or take the time to make sure they are staying healthy.”

“Say yes to the many opportunities that come your way.”
Jennile O’Connor
BBA ’21, Accounting

“One piece of advice that I would give to business students is to be open minded. As young adults, we often feel pressured to have our lives figured out and to know exactly what path to take to achieve our goals. However, something that I have learned throughout my time at Quinlan, especially in light of recent events, is that things rarely go according to plan. Being open minded allows you to shift and change your focus to best align with your current circumstances. It also allows you to be more understanding when you discover that the major you ‘liked’ as a first-year student is no longer appealing or no longer fits into the life that you want for yourself. Say yes to the many opportunities that come your way. Sometimes it may not be clear as to what the purpose is but I often find that you meet the most impactful people and have the most impactful experiences when you least expect them.”

“Step outside of your comfort zone as much as you’re able.”
Sean Ryan
BBA ’21, Information Systems

“If I were to give a piece of advice to students, I’d say to step outside of your comfort zone as much as you’re able to. In professional and social spaces, there’s only a brief moment of discomfort that’s in between you and something great. You never know what a simple conversation can grow into!”

“Take advantage of the Quinlan community.”
Tom Simmons
BBA ’22, Marketing

“In order to be successful, my one piece of advice is take advantage of the Quinlan community. There are so many incredible staff members and organizations that will help guide you to where you hope to be in the future. I have met so many great individuals who have discussed their experiences with me and I have learned so much through them. The Quinlan community ensures that you are never alone when planning for your future.”

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