Building a community at Quinlan

Building a community at Quinlan

Hussam Bachour (MSSCM `16, MBA `17) is the manager of supply chain systems at University of Chicago, and an adjunct professor at Quinlan.

By Courtney M. Jackson | Student Writer

Leaving behind his family and friends in 2013, Hussam Bachour (MSSCM `16, MBA `17) migrated to the U.S. from Syria for graduate school and found the right fit at Quinlan.

While at Quinlan, he was a star student, including being part of a winning team at the APICS International Student Case Competition and the recipient of the school’s 2015 President’s Medallion.

Bachour is now the manager of supply chain systems at the University of Chicago Medicine and an adjunct instructor at Quinlan. Below, he talks about his Quinlan experience and how his degree has helped him advance in his career.

Why did you choose Quinlan?

I visited the United States in 2012 planning for my immigration. I attended a few schools’ open houses in Chicago. Out of all the schools I attended, I found that Quinlan focused on the technical education that the supply chain industry needs. I also appreciated the community at Quinlan. The community is very inclusive, and as an immigrant from Syria, it was important to build a new community here in the States.

I knew that I would stay connected to the school even after I graduated. The graduate program staff were very welcoming; the faculty was always interested in my story and interested in helping me achieve my potential. It gave me a sense of comfort, and I felt like I belonged to the community. Moreover, I really felt connected to the mission of Loyola and the Jesuit education. This mission is aligned with my values and faith, and I wanted to be part of Loyola’s social project.

What is a typical workday for you?

I lead the Business Process team at the University of Chicago Medicine who supports the organization’s transformation to a digital Supply Chain. My team manages the supply chain information systems, technology, and data analytics for the health system.

We manage and analyze the data to optimize the information flow in the source-to-pay systems and processes. The other part of my work is to lead projects to improve the information systems and implement new technologies.

How are you creating change?

Our vision is to be an eminent supply chain team that delivers exceptional value and enables the University of Chicago Medicine to be at the forefront of discovery, advanced education, clinical innovation, and the delivery of transformative health care. We support the acquisition and implementation of the latest supply chain technologies across the care continuum to improve access, experience and value for patients and clinicians.

The supply chain digitalization reduces the cost and improves the quality of providing care. Most importantly, the collective efforts of our team support serving patients, which is a great honor.

How did Quinlan help advance your career?

The Quinlan faculty provided me with world-class education experience, that enabled me to have a successful start to my career. My professors became my friends and mentors who guided me until I got to where I am now. Dr. Maciek Nowak introduced me to my first internship opportunity with the Director of Supply Chain Operations at the University of Chicago Medicine and Quinlan alumni, Harold Dillow. That internship gave me an invaluable experience and an entry to the healthcare supply chain industry.

At Quinlan, I learned how to challenge myself and my colleagues to think critically about everything we do, and to always work towards preserving the integrity of our work.

What advice do you have for Quinlan students?

Take advantage of every single opportunity that Loyola offers, and enjoy your education experience. It is life changing.

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