Quinlan faculty give thanks

Quinlan faculty give thanks

There is still lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, even with all the challenges of 2020.

Thanksgiving gives us all a moment to breathe, reflect, and express our gratitude for all we've enjoyed in the past year — even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Several Quinlan faculty members took time to reflect on what they're thankful for. See their reflections below:

Professor Mike Hewitt

Professor Hewitt is thankful for many things this year, including extra time with his kids and the ability to volunteer at his local food pantry.

Professor Nenad Jukic

Professor Jukic is thankful for the resilience of his students, who inspire him and keep him going.

Professor Carolyn Tang Kmet

Professor Kmet is thankful for her friends and family, and her daughter Mackenzie is thankful for all of us!

Professor Suk Hun Lee

Professional headshot of Suk Hun Lee

"I am most thankful that my family, my students, and my friends are in good health. COVID-19 once again is reminding us how fragile our lives are and that we are not in full control of our lives. Thus, each day, I count my blessings and thank the good Lord," says Professor Lee.

Professor Stacy Neier Beran

Professor Neier Beran and Twombly give thanks for zoomies — those unmistakeable bursts of energy by our dog friends.

She adds a few other items that she is thankful for: "I am grateful for all the micro- and macromoments to savor. I'm grateful for the vibration we feel in Zoom when we finish a project phase; I'm grateful that Zoom now includes my favorite-ever emoji, the party popper, tada! Between the big and small, there is boundless gratitude to feel and share."

Professor Katherine Sredl

Professor Sredl is thankful for all that her students teach her and for the shared moments of joy in class.