Next Generation MBA is calling

Next Generation MBA is calling

Loyola's Next Generation MBA emphasizes skills, including data-driven decision making, leadership, teamwork, communications, and ethics. And it can be completed in as fast as a year.

The Quinlan School of Business radically redesigned its MBA program to meet the needs of employers and students and named it the Next Generation MBA.

“Our Next Generation MBA is a complete break from the traditional MBA program,” says Kevin Stevens, dean of the Quinlan School of Business. “We’ve listened to the business community and our students, and developed a program that is data-driven, skills-based, grounded in the values that are a hallmark of a Loyola education, and that can be completed in as fast as a year.”

With this redesign, the Quinlan MBA is one-of-a-kind in the area.

“This is the only MBA in the Chicago area crafted around what you need in our dynamic, data-driven global economy,” says Stevens. “Our graduates will grow as people and as business leaders, and will have the skills to address the big problems in business and in our communities.”

Skills-based MBA

MBA programs have traditionally focused on teaching technical content in marketing, finance, accounting, and other business fields.

“But everything technical that you learn in an MBA program will be outdated in four or five years,” says Stevens. “Our Next Generation MBA will provide skills that will never go out of fashion – including how to be a leader, how to use data, how to work in teams, how to make ethical decisions, and how to communicate.”

Designed for the next generation

Key features of the Next Generation MBA include:

  • Unique core classes: The eight new core courses develop skills such as critical thinking, data-driven decision making, responsible leadership, and how to be an internal or external consultant. Global topics are woven throughout the curriculum.

  • Hands-on: Students will gain immediately applicable skills through experiential learning. For example, all students will take a business consulting course and work as a team on a real project for a real company. The project will touch on all facets of the business, including accounting, finance, marketing, and data analysis. Through this professional-level assignment, students will gain real, market-ready skills.

  • Electives to customize program: Four electives enable students to take a deep dive into topics of their choosing, ranging from entrepreneurship to finance. Students can also earn a graduate certificate in areas such as business data analytics or cybersecurity.

  • One year or two years: Students with a bachelor’s degree in business can complete the Next Generation MBA program in as fast as a year. Students without foundational business courses or students who opt for a flexible pace can complete the MBA program in two years. Pick the right MBA for you →

  • Nationally ranked education: Quinlan’s part-time MBA is ranked nationallyl. “This innovative program will build on our national reputation,” says Stevens.

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