Three professors are leaders in research on gender and marketing

Three professors are leaders in research on gender and marketing

Professors (from left) Katherine Sredl, Linda Tuncay Zayer, and Jenna Drenten each contributed a chapter to the new Handbook of Gender Research and Marketing

Professors Jenna Drenten, Katherine Sredl, and Linda Tuncay Zayer are breaking ground in research on gender and marketing.

One illustration of this: all three contributed to the Handbook of Research on Gender and Marketing. Their articles join contributions from professors across the globe who are also making major breakthroughs in gender research.

The handbook is a primer on how gender permeates marketing decisions, consumer experiences, public policy initiatives, and market practices. Its chapters add perspective to gender roles, intersectionality, LGBTQ+ consumers, and other more important topics. 

Chapter contributions

Professor Jenna Drenten

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  • Video Gaming as a Gendered Pursuit
  • The Hashtaggable Body: Negotiating Gender Performance in Social Media
Professor Katherine Sredl

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  • Gender East and West: Transitional Gender Theory and Global Marketing Research
Professor Linda Tuncay Zayer

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  • The TCR Perspective of Gender: Moving from Critical Theory to an Activism-Praxis Orientation

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