Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business


Bloomberg delivers unparalleled coverage of markets and securities with information on every asset class from fixed income to equities, foreign exchange, commodities, and derivatives. It delivers tools that improve user workflow and enable users to put knowledge into action from charts to portfolio and risk analytics. Up-to-the-minute access to the news that matters and moves markets helps you get the information you need to change the course of a business.


The Bloomberg Excel Add-in is a powerful tool that delivers high-quality, real-time data and live-charting. It is a great tool to quickly build and test customized solutions and is widely used in practice. 


The hardware is an integral part of user experience. A specialized keyboard gives you one-key functionality. Dual monitors help expand your view to create independent custom workspaces that enable you to multi-task simultaneously and navigate vast amount of information within the Bloomberg environment.