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Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation is part of the Loyola Business Leadership Hub.  The center provides a critical infrastructure to build an environment that encourages the study and successful practice of entrepreneurship and innovation to connect students, alumni, and faculty with the greater entrepreneurship community.  The Center equips students and alumni with the skills and resources they need to launch, grow, and transition successful ventures as well as employ innovation to reinvigorate existing business. 

To organize, expand and promote the knowledge and better practices of innovation and entrepreneurship through experiential education, empowering students, faculty, and alumni from across the university as well as the broader Chicagoland area, and to innovate and start new companies, and become leaders in the entrepreneurial economy.

The vision is to educate entrepreneurs and provide the resources and opportunities needed to plan, start, and launch new ventures as well as reinvigorate existing business via innovation across a broad range of industries and technologies.

The Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation will the “hub” for information in all disciplines focused on the creation and growth of entrepreneurs and their organizations in Chicago, leveraging resources across LUC and the Jesuit network of higher education to provide thoughtful, practical, implementable solutions to entrepreneurial challenges.

Underpinning all the services is a commitment to doing well in business, while also doing good for stakeholders, communities, and the environment.  We believe that all business decisions must be based on shared values and the goal of leveraging human capital.

Key Focus Areas

  1. Ignite Incubator and Co-working Space
    Leverage Loyola’s membership in 1871 to provide an open location where students, faculty and staff may work on their venture as well as engage with others in an environment of collaboration. 
  2. Networking & Mentoring Program
    Connecting and networking with other entrepreneurs is extremely beneficial - from gaining new perspectives that spark business growth to meeting new mentors that take your business to the next level.
  3. Internships & Advisory Service Opportunities
    The Center will work with local businesses and organizations to develop opportunities for students to participate in internships and project work to gain practical experience while delivering value added results.
  4. Competitions
    Hold competitions that focus on key areas of new venture creation.  Some potential programs are; business plan, investor pitch, etc.
  5. Linkage to broader Loyola Business Leadership Hub
    The Center will provide an added dimension of resources and capability to stakeholders

Contact us.
The Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation is itself a start-up operation.  For questions, contact John Caltagirone