In today's competitive business environment, you need a degree that sets you apart—and harnesses the power of your experience.

Our transformative 20-month program will help you hone your analytic capabilities, business knowledge, critical thinking, and management and leadership skills. Our executive MBA is ranked No. 23 in the nation, according to U.S. News & World Report, 2023.

The Quinlan School of Business offers four MBA programs. Learn which one best fits your needs through our MBA guide.

Program Highlights

  • Nationally ranked: As a nationally recognized program, Quinlan's Executive MBA delivers an outstanding return on investment.
  • Convenience: Quinlan’s EMBA program blends the value of face-to-face exchange with the convenience of online learning.
  • Global: The EMBA prepares you for global business through an international immersion trip.
  • Strong network: Smaller cohorts encourage interactions that help form lifelong personal and professional connections.
  • Leading faculty: You’ll learn from the best. Our faculty members are world-recognized experts in diverse business disciplines.
  • Immediately applicable: Classroom topics are outcome-focused, so you'll acquire tools and knowledge that you can use on the job immediately.

What You'll Learn

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Business Data Analytics
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business

What Distinguishes a Quinlan EMBA

Quinlan's Executive MBA goes above and beyond curriculum requirements. We focus on developing the general management qualities that are respected and much sought after in today’s global business environment. Quinlan's EMBA is:

  • Values Based
    Today's business environment demands that professionals lead with integrity. Quinlan's Executive MBA will help you stand out with an array of skills that focus on management and leadership.
  • Focused on Theory and Practice
    Classroom topics are outcome-focused and team projects emphasize interdisciplinary collaboration. As a result, you'll acquire tools and knowledge that you can use on the job immediately.
  • Global
    A global perspective has never been more important to have in business. Quinlan's Executive MBA prepares you for the worldwide business arena with an in-depth international trip.
  • An Exceptional Value
    As a nationally recognized program, Quinlan's Executive MBA delivers an outstanding return on investment. You'll earn a degree—and an experience—that will transform your career.



Our EMBA program propels our graduates’ careers to whole new levels of success, including positions such as:

  • Strategic Account Executive
  • Product Manager
  • Business Development Executive
  • Marketing Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • Business Operations Manager
  • Sales Executive

Because Loyola is a member of the Jesuit network of 27 colleges and universities nationwide, our graduates can receive career services at Quinlan's Business Career Services, as well as at career centers at U.S. Jesuit colleges and universities.

Program Structure


Classes meet face-to-face twice a month—every other Saturday. A modest 25% of class sessions meet online. On-campus classes are held on Loyola's Water Tower Campus, which is conveniently located off the Red Line in the heart of Chicago. The program is on a 10-week quarter system.

Meet with us to learn more

One-on-one appointments are available with Assistant Director, Katie Laugel. Check out our upcoming events and information sessions! 


As a student in Quinlan's EMBA program, you will participate in courses focused on building your leadership, management, decision-making, and analytic skills.


The advanced knowledge and skills the Quinlan EMBA helps you develop are invaluable to any business. Many companies recognize this and therefore sponsor EMBA training (either in part or whole) for promising managers, directors, and executives at our business school.

Business Fundamentals

  • ACCT 400E: Financial Statements Analysis
  • ECON 420E: Managers, Markets & Decisions 
  • FINC 450E:  Portfolio Management
  • MARK 460E: Marketing Management
  • SCMG 481E: Performance Improvement
  • ACCT 424E:  Strategic Cost Management

Business Analytics

  • ISSCM 400E: Quantitative Methods
  • ISSCM 604E: Business Data Analytics - Infrastructure
  • ISSCM 605E: Business Data Analytics - Application

Human Resource Management

  • HRER 513E: Strategic HR Mgmt
  • HRER 501E: Performance Management


  • ETHC 441E: Business Ethics and Responsibile Leadership 
  • MGMT 460E: Values-Based Leadership 


  • MGMT 474E: Strategic Management
  • MGMT 472E: Organization Change and Development
  • MGMT 481E: Innovation and the Entrepreneurial Mindset 
  • LREB   443E: Executive Legal Liability
  • ISSCM 484E: Project Management
  • MGMT  430E: Capstone - Business Design

International Business

  • ECON 424E: Global Economics
  • SCMG 486E: Global Supply Chain Management
  • FINC 455E:   International Financial Management
  • MGMT 606E: International Immersion


Quinlan’s EMBA Admission Committee looks for a dynamic, talented group of professionals who currently hold mid- to senior-level leadership roles in business or nonprofit organizations. Quinlan’s EMBA students typically have a higher level of work experience, often 7 years or more, compared to the part-time MBA students.

Application Process & Deadlines


Your application and accompanying materials will be reviewed upon receipt of all required documents. While we review files on a rolling basis, we do have a priority scholarship and final deadlines. Admission is limited to the Fall term.

RoundApplication Deadline
Round 1 May 1*
Round 2 June 1
Round 3 July 15

*Tuition Grant – Priority consideration for first round applicants.

Below you will find both required materials and opportunities to strengthen your application when applying to the Quinlan School of Business. Additional information regarding the application process for international students can be found here.


These application materials are mandatory for all applicants

  • Completed Application Form

    Use our free online application system to get started.

    Please note, you will need to complete the “Biographical Information” section of the application first. Once that section is completed, you will be able to choose your program in the “Application Information” section.

  • Official Transcripts

    You must submit official transcripts for all undergraduate and any graduate work completed. Copies of transcripts or transcripts not received in a sealed envelope from the university are considered unofficial. If you attended Loyola University Chicago previously, you do not need to request transcripts. We strongly encourage electronic submission of documents. Your college/university may send electronic transcripts to us at gradapp@luc.edu.

  • Professional Resume

    A professional resume may be uploaded via the online application form or you may email it to us at gradapp@luc.edu.

  • Letters of Recommendation

    Referrals may be academic or professional in nature. No more than two letters should be submitted.

  • Statement of Purpose

    Please discuss how the Executive MBA at Quinlan will prepare you to advance in your career. Limit personal essay to 2-3 pages, double-space.

The next step of your application process will be to complete an Interview with Quinlan faculty. Interviews are by invitation only.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The Quinlan School of Business and Loyola's Financial Aid Office are committed to helping students secure the necessary financial resources to make their graduate business education at Loyola affordable.


Answers to frequently asked questions about the Executive MBA program at Quinlan.

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What does the EMBA class profile look like?

Built on a 500-year Jesuit tradition of teaching excellence, Quinlan prepares motivated business professionals to distinguish themselves in the marketplace as innovative problem solvers who understand good business practices and have the personal intellect, skills, and courage to deliver them.

Class Size: 20-25, cohort setting
Average Age: 37
Average Work Experience: 14 years
Gender: 25% Female, 75% male

Student Employment by company:

  • Amsted Rail
  • CDW Corporation
  • Discover
  • Golub & Company
  • Ingersoll Machine Tool, Inc.
  • ITW Commercial Construction Product
  • Konescranes Nuclear Equip & Svcs
  • Kraft Foods Global, Inc.
  • Motorola Mobility
  • Morton’s of Chicago
  • National Restaurant Association
  • Nike, Inc.
  • PNC Financial Services
  • Sprint-Nextel
  • Tellabs
  • The Robert Bosch Tool Corporation