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Growth, Reflection Led to Current Success

Hornik - Success Story

Steven Hornik reflects on how his time at Loyola shaped him as a person and inspired him to pursue a career as an analyst for Ipsos.

What are you currently doing in your position?

I am a Research Analyst for Ipsos NA in the healthcare service line. I, along with the other analysts, aide upper level researchers and managers in their projects which revolve around understanding the markets for the healthcare industry. These understandings come from creating questionnaires that allow us to provide insights for companies to make decisions, whether it be on developing products, or creating a marketing campaign.

What skills are critical to your position?

The primary skill required for this position is attention to detail. Other skills are time management, organization, initiative, and a collaborative spirit since we are always working in groups.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were at Loyola?

I wish I had a little more faith in what I was doing. I was constantly worrying about what was happening next and wasn’t able to be an adventurer post-graduation. A lot of my time was spent on applying to various positions during my week, and I wasn’t able to remove myself from my worries and live a lax senior year. If I would give any advice for a worried senior, I would say don’t make finding a job your priority. Like every business professor at LUC has said, at least once, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

What did you enjoy most at Loyola?

I can’t say there was one specific thing. If I had to start anywhere, it would be with the roots it provided me, so much so that I put the Jesuit emblem on my cap, next to the Zia symbol, with the quote from J. R. R. Tolkien, “Deep roots are not reached by the frost”. I was an Orientation Leader and we did countless hours of reflection which enabled me to be more cognizant of the things around me, at least before senior year, and find the position I am currently working in.

From there I would say, the people were great, the campus was beautiful, opportunity surrounds you, you have a rapping priest, AND America’s, arguably the world’s, favorite sister, Sister Jean. If you didn’t like something at Loyola, there was a way for you to find joy, you just have to seek it, which is something we all hesitate to do, because it’s an uncomforting feeling. Loyola made me uncomfortable in more situations than one, but it’s something I won’t regret. I am a much different person now than who I was than when I started.

Steve Hornik

Employer: Ipsos NA

Title: Research Analyst

Graduation Date: May 2018

Degree: BBA, Marketing and Management

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Making It Happen In A Competitive Industry

Steve Carpenter Spotlight

Steve Carpenter reports on the support he received from Loyola in helping him achieve his goals in the sports industry.

Describe your career path to date:

I am originally from New Jersey and I was first interested in Loyola because of the Sport Management program and its location in Chicago. I knew I always wanted to work in sports, so that’s how my college search began. After visiting campus and the city for the first time, I knew it is where I wanted to be! During my four years, I was enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Honors Program, held two internships, participated in the Sport Management Club, and had a part time job in the sports industry.

After graduating in May 2014, I moved back home to New Jersey and in January 2015, I received my first full-time job in sports, working for my hometown minor league baseball team, The Trenton Thunder. I spent two years with them as a Ticket Sales Account Executive. In October 2016, I received an opportunity with the St. Louis Cardinals as a Direct Sales Representative, and in February 2018, I was promoted to Season Ticket Account Executive, which is the position I currently hold. The experience I accumulated in and out of the classroom at Loyola prepared me to immediately stand out in the competitive field of sports business.

How did you utilize Business Career Services?

The RamblerLink network and Business Career Services were both vital to my early career success. Using RamblerLink, I was able to find my two internships in Chicago which exposed me, for the first time, to sales methods, an office environment, and what it would take to succeed in the sports industry. RamblerLink and Career Services also helped get me my first part-time work opportunity at Vivid Seats. This position was the most challenging, but most rewarding experience in my college career. It forced me to develop my phone and customer service skills, which was something I noticed that many of my peers lacked when entering the work force.

I can honestly say that with the resources that RamblerLink provided, as well as the feedback and assistance I received from Career Services, I would not have been as prepared to immediately succeed in the sports industry.

Were there any faculty or staff members that were particularly helpful during your time at Loyola?

I would like to thank Pr. Lambrecht, Pr. Kim, Sister Jean, and all of the Quinlan School of Business for supporting me, giving me the resources to succeed, and allowing me to believe that my dream career could be possible.


Steve Carpenter 

Employer: St. Louis Cardinals

Title: Account Executive, Season Tickets

Graduation Date: May 2014

Degree: BBA, Sports Management and Finance


Taking advantage of all that a Jesuit education has to offer


Olivia Dydyna reflects on her time as a marketing major and discusses the importance of asking for help, talking to professors, and following your passions. She offers these insights on her academic and student organization experiences:

What inspired your success?

Taking advantage of all that a Jesuit education has to offer made my experience at LUC exceptional. Joining Phi Sigma Sigma my freshman year, studying abroad my sophomore year in Roma, becoming a brand ambassador for the Illinois Lottery, and landing a tech-savvy (unpaid) internship my junior year at Vibes Media pushed me to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I switched my major from Psychology to Marketing junior year so I had to play catch up by taking 6 classes, interning and working on the weekends. Senior year was the hardest year of my collegiate career-- but I wouldn't change it for the world. That unpaid internship turned into a full time job offer on graduation day and post-grad life has been pretty awesome so far. 

Were there any faculty or staff members that were particularly helpful during your time at Loyola?

Special shout out to these rad Profs: Kevin Lee, Geroulis, Kielb, Michael Murphy, Giachetti, Schwarten, Bucholz

What advice would you give to current and prospective students?

Don't get bogged down by the question of "What are you doing with your life?" If you asked me freshman year what my dream career was, I wouldn't have known. I'm not really sure I even know now, but what I do know is who I am and who I aspire to be.

Put yourself out there and you will find your passions. Surround yourself with people who have personality and who are different from you. Be weird. Be positive. Ask for help. Ask for advice. And most importantly, talk to your Professors. They're all here to help YOU. 

Olivia Dydyna

Employer: Vibes  

Title: Customer Success Associate 

Grad Date: May 2015

Majors: BBA Marketing

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Undergraduate success paves the way for a bright future


Quinlan undergrad, Michael Palarz, will graduate with a full time position at KPMG L.L.P. He offers these reflections on his internships and work with Loyola's faculty and staff:

What inspired your success?

Upon arriving at Loyola University Chicago freshman year, I was pumped to join the concert and pep bands my first semester.  I was also looking forward to my business classes. Determined to do well, I got to know the professors and some upperclassman students within the accounting department. A few professors and senior students began to mentor me as I progressed through the program, and then I joined Beta Alpha Psi (BAP). This professional organization helped me refine my interviewing and resume writing skills.  BAP gave me the opportunity to network with several of Chicago’s best companies where I gained an understanding of different aspects of the accounting profession. Leveraging Loyola’s resources: BAP, professor office hours, and the career center, I gained the knowledge to set myself up for success as a student.

I also held four different internships to gain valuable experience in the accounting profession.  I have worked at small companies with only 5 people to major global firms like KPMG L.L.P. and Sidley Austin, L.L.P. These experiences in the workplace complimented my studies in the classroom. Loyola has prepared me to succeed in the classroom and in the workplace. 

Were there any faculty or staff members that were particularly helpful during your time at Loyola?

Brian Stanko, Chair of the Accounting and Business Law Dept at Loyola’s Quinlan School of Business has been a great guide throughout my undergraduate experience. Professor Stanko truly cares about the success of his students and has been a critical mentor for my success at Loyola and beyond. Dr. Leonard McKendrick and Lisa Gillespie have also become great career mentors during my undergraduate experience. I owe my success to my mentors and family, however this is just the beginning.

What are your plans after graduation?

After earning my Bachelor in Business Administration degree with a focus in Accounting, I will attend Quinlan’s Graduate School of Business to pursue a Masters of Science in Accountancy and prepare for the CPA exam in early spring of 2017.  In the fall of 2017, I will start full time at KPMG L.L.P. in the audit practice. 

Michael Palarz

Employer: KPMG  

Grad Date:  May 2016

Majors:MSA, BBA Accounting

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Putting Chicago on the map


Ben Berlin works to fund economic development projects that will improve the city. He offers these reflections on his internship and student organization experiences:

Ben Berlin is working to put Chicago on the map of the most innovative cities, and his charisma is contagious. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Ben understands firsthand how important a strong and diversified economic foundation is for a city. As the Corporate Engagement Manager at World Business Chicago (WBC), Ben works with private corporations, foundations, city officials, and individuals to help fund economic development projects that will improve the city and its inhabitants.

In his two years at WBC, Ben has helped raised more than $10 million for the organization. More importantly, he is breaking down barriers between the public and private communities by creating partnerships between WBC and Chicago’s top businesses. In addition, Ben is a critical player in building and executing the innovative Fellowship Program that employs talent from local businesses to use their expertise towards important projects within the Mayor’s Plan for Economic Growth & Jobs.

Ben graduated from Loyola University’s Quinlan School of Business in 2015, where he was President of the Entrepreneurship Club. Prior to that, he spent a year in Israel learning its unique history and culture. Ben continues to work with budding entrepreneurs, advising them as a Mentor and Coach through JCC Chicago’s PresenTense Fellowship Program. Ben is also a decorated competitive BBQ champion. He lives with his wife Elana and their dog Stevie Nicks in Lakeview. 

Ben Berlin

Employer: World Business Chicago  

Title: Corporate Engagement Manager 

Grad Date: May 2015

Majors: MBA

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Gaining real-world experience


After completing her internship, Stefanski was offered a full-time position. She offers these reflections on her internship and academic experiences.

As a student in the Quinlan School of Business, I completed my degree in Accounting. Over the course of my five years in the undergraduate program, I truly received a well-rounded education that included challenging courses and a number of opportunities for campus involvement. The accounting department as a whole was instrumental in my career choice. In particular, I worked extensively with Professor Lisa Gillespie and Dr. Brian Stanko, the current chair of the department. In conjunction with my coursework, I completed four internships at firms in the Chicagoland area to further develop myself as a professional. The variety of internships provided me with a better understanding of the different ways in which I could use my degree after graduation. 

A key part of my undergraduate experience included my involvement in student organizations on campus. As President of Beta Alpha Psi, I worked closely with Business Career Services and the Accounting department to maintain the relationship that Quinlan has with firms in the Chicagoland area. This provided me with the unique opportunity to develop myself as both a professional and as a leader. As President of Delta Sigma Pi, I expanded my network and recruited new members to sustain and grow the chapter. My time on the executive board enhanced my leadership and communication skills which are vital to success in the workplace. In the Spring semester of my fourth year, I completed a full-time winter internship at Deloitte working in the audit practice. The ten-week internship provided me with an unparalleled experience that ultimately led to a full-time job offer with the firm. My time as an intern allowed me to see first-hand what auditing entails and thus solidified my decision to enter the field. I am truly grateful to everyone in Quinlan that helped me navigate my undergraduate and career paths.  

Julie Stefanski

Employer: Deloitte 

Title: Audit Associate

Grad Date: May 2015

Majors: BBA Accounting

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