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Grant Thornton


Q: What is the best way to make a good first impression?
A: You should be outgoing and confident. Have a strong handshake and try to make a personal connection with the person you are interviewing with. Do this by learning about the interviewer and finding something you have in common.

Q: What steps should a candidate take before an interview?
A: Research the company you are interviewing with and practice interviewing any way you can, through mock interviews. Look up behavioral based interview questions and practice with friends and family. Practice makes perfect!

Q: What steps should a candidate take after an interview?
A: Write a thank you note to your interviewer. Email may be the quickest and easiest way but if you have the extra time, a hand written thank you is always a nice touch.

Q: What are some common interview mistakes that many students don’t even notice they are making?
A: Showing up early, not introducing yourself or forgetting the interviewers name are common mistakes. During an interview, body language, such as posture, fidgeting and eye contact, can be very distracting. Lastly, not asking the interviewer any questions or not knowing anything about the company is also a mistake. The interviewer will assume you are not interested in the company or the position if you are not prepared.

Q: What questions should students be prepared to ask their interviewer?
A: Anything you want to know about the company, about the job, or how the interviewer started with the company. The worst mistake you can make is not having any questions prepared even if you think the interviewer answered all your questions.