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NCSA Athletic Recruiting


Sara Rode
Director of Intern Relations
NCSA Athletic Recruiting


Q: What is the best way to network through social media?
A: The most effective way to network through social media is via LinkedIn.  LinkedIn allows you to connect with other professionals and follow companies to keep track of any big happenings.

Q: How important would you describe general knowledge of social media is for business students?
A: It’s a must!  Social media has become a part of companies’ everyday branding. So, it’s important for students to understand the basics of social media.  Before long, it’s going to be expected for new employees to be proficient in social media; just like Microsoft Office. 

Q: How should a student manage using social media for personal use while still maintaining a level of professionalism?
A: This is a hot topic!  The best piece of advice I can give is think twice before you post.  Ask yourself, “Is this something I am okay with anyone reading or viewing?”  If not, then it’s best not to post.  However, social media is a place for us to share what’s on our minds or going on in our live so make sure to use private settings where applicable.   

Q: How important is keeping a detailed and up to date LinkedIn profile?
A: It’s very important to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date and detailed.  LinkedIn is becoming one of the main sites employers post jobs and recruit potential employees.   By having more detailed profile you are more likely to be listed in an employer’s search for candidates. Please remember, it’s just as important to keep a hard copy of your resume up to date.  This will still be needed when applying for jobs and in interviews. 

Q: What is the appropriate way to connect with someone through LinkedIn?
A: Always include a personal message when you are connecting with someone via LinkedIn.  There are many times I receive an invitation to connect with someone, and I have no idea how I know them.  The message can be as simple as “It was nice meeting you at the networking event.” or “Thanks for coming to speak to our class today.  I was able to learn a lot of valuable information on X Company.”