Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business

Individual Career Progression Plan

Create your plan to help track your career advancement goals while leveraging the valuable resources of Loyola University Chicago and the Quinlan School of Business.

Business Career Services offers resources for students and alumni of the Quinlan graduate programs, including MBA, MBA in Healthcare Management, Intercontinental MBA, Executive MBA, MS in Accountancy, MS in Finance, MS in Human Resources, MS in Integrated Marketing Communications, and MS in Supply Chain Management.  


CONSIDER how your plan might differ if you have 0–3 years of experience versus 10+ years of experience or if you are advancing your career in the same field versus beginning a new functional role. How might an internship help you gain relevant business experience as you apply new knowledge and skills to the workforce? How might you transition into a new industry, sector, or company?

CLARIFY if and when you are seeking a full-time, entry-level, or experienced-hire position versus an internship or part-time opportunity. Set and modify your goals, timetable, and strategy accordingly.

CUSTOMIZE your plan so that you are integrating career development and career advancement throughout your graduate business education in both curricular and cocurricular experiences as you continue to develop professionally. 


Set SMART goals, which are Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Results-Oriented, and Time-Sensitive.

Will you?

  • Join a professional association or a Quinlan student organization?
  • Engage in research projects?
  • Secure a job or internship?
  • Volunteer your time and skills through service?
  • Develop a skill or learn new software?
  • Develop your network and exchange business cards with classmates, alumni, and employers?
  • Participate in Quinlan and Loyola LinkedIn groups?
  • Attend alumni networking events?
  • Attend a professional presentation, event, or conference?
  • Participate in a business plan competition?
  • Mentor new students and find some new mentors for yourself?

Graduate programs: Your plan, your goals

Register in Handshake

Use Handshake to stay informed of career information and to seek employment and internship opportunities. Complete and update your Handshake profile quarterly. Upload your first resume for a professional review by Business Career Services staff.

Attend company presentations and network

Learn about companies, organizations, career paths, jobs, and internships in a variety of industries and fields. When alumni and employers come to campus, you have an excellent opportunity to meet them and make a great impression.

Schedule Real Time with employers

Sign up for a Real Time session to meet individually for 20 minutes with an employer. This is a great time to discuss your career interests and aspirations, get advice about how to interview with a particular company, ask for feedback on your resume, and get tips about your job or internship search.

Meet with a career advisor

Use Handshake to schedule a career advising appointment at a time convenient for you.

Attend career workshops

RSVP in Handshake to attend 50-minute, group, skill-building workshops designed to help you enhance your resume, prepare to interview, expand your network, and conduct your job search.

Attend career fairs

Attend two Quinlan Career Fairs each year to meet dozens of hiring organizations seeking qualified business students, interns, and graduates. Consider attending national and international hiring events.

Apply for jobs and internships

Check Handshake for daily updates and additions of MBA- and MS-level jobs, internships, and fellowships available locally as well as in national and international locations. Make sure you check out NACElink and Going Global online resources as well.

Network virtually and stay connected

Join Loyola on LinkedIn and become part of the Quinlan LinkedIn subgroup. Stay informed about Business Career Services on the web, Facebook, and Twitter.