Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business

Vision & Mission


To foster a university-wide diverse, visible — living global business career culture that celebrates and breathes success.


To coach forward-thinking career-seekers who will strengthen the local and global business system and our world.

Business Career Services aims to be the compass for the career and professional development of Quinlan students, graduates, and alumni — helping them find their true ambition, by exploring career options and motivating them to reach for their career and professional dreams/aspirations.

To be successful, students must explore their curiosity, be comfortable with uncertainty, take action and risks, and put themselves out there. Thus, Business Career Services is helping students with the exploration of "self” and the real world of work and trying to find career paths. The center wants to help students discover who they are and who they want to become along with leveraging the Career Services ecosystem around Loyola University Chicago and provide resources to the Quinlan School of Business in order for students to be “career ready.”

Inspiring Innovative Thinking

Business Career Services inspires — and models — innovative thinking.

Idea Wall


The Idea Wall in the Business Career Services suite enables students and alumni to share their ideas, stories, and career aspirations in a very visible way. All visitors are invited to contribute and to take inspiration from what others have contributed.