Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business

Global Immersion

The next generation of leaders sees business through a global lens. Our Executive Global Immersion programs offer managers and executives the opportunity to gain an international perspective on leadership. Under the guidance of Quinlan School of Business faculty and industry leaders, professionals will receive an immersive experience to learn about trends in leadership and management in an international setting.

By exploring management issues, global challenges, and comparative business practices in the United States and abroad, participants will emerge with a broader understanding of international business and strategy, a deeper knowledge and insight of leadership, and valuable perspectives to bring back to their companies and industries. Ultimately, participants will be equipped to navigate and succeed in the complex world of global business. 

Socially Responsible Leadership in a Global Context

The Rome, Italy immersion will explore topics in executive leadership with an eye on corporate social responsibility (CSR). Participants will analyze why and how global businesses are innovating to address CSR expectations with a focus on co-creating value and innovation. Additionally, this program will explore issues in sustainability, global sourcing, and business ethics. Through classroom modules, guest speakers, and company visits, participants will gain a transformative understanding of what it means to be not only a global leader, but also a socially responsible business leader.