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Global Business Sustainability

This course provides participants with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals and world-class practices of global business sustainability and social responsibility. This one-day program addresses the whole spectrum of sustainability considerations within business operations and supply chains, including sustainability’s social, environmental and economic aspects. The emphasis will be on practical implementation within business in a global setting from the perspective of instructors who have worked extensively inside major corporations.

Attention to sustainability has also been on the rise among leading businesses, academic institutions, governments, and other sectors in the United States and abroad. In McKinsey & Company’s 2014 survey of nearly 3,000 business executives around the globe, 43 percent said their companies seek to align sustainability with their overall business goals, mission, or values—up from 30 percent who said that only two years earlier. Almost half of those CEOs responding listed sustainability within their top three business goals, compared with one-third who did so in 2010.  In a 2015 global survey conducted by Ethical Corporation, nine in ten of 950 corporate respondents, mostly from the U.S. and Europe, said that sustainability was becoming an increasingly important part of their business strategy.

Professionals with social or environmental responsibilities, those new to the discipline, and those who aspire to a career in sustainability and social responsibility. It also serves as a good refresher and update for experienced sustainability practitioners, leaders, and academics.

During this program, you will:

  • Learn about the history of Sustainability and the emerging global consensus among major stakeholders about its scope and meaning
  • Gain  an appreciation for the expectations that major stakeholders (employees, customers, investors, governments, communities and activists) have about the sustainability performance of business
  • Obtain experience  discussing sustainability concepts in business circles
  • Strengthen your ability to develop, integrate and manage a sustainability initiative within a business organization
  • Grow your personal and professional network
  1. History & Meaning of Sustainability
  2. Drivers Motivating Companies to Pursue Sustainability; Stakeholder Expectation
  3. General Approach to Managing Sustainability within Organizations; The Sustainability Operating System
  4. Company Policies
  5. Organizational Structure
  6. Approach for Supply Chain
  7. Sustainable/Green Products - What are they?
  8. Green Product Laws
  9. Green Product Marketing
  10. Tools and Concepts for Designing Sustainable Products, Services, and Facilities
  11. Materiality/Prioritization
  12. Planning & Strategy Development
  13. Goals and Indicators
  14. Sustainability Reporting and other Communications

Learn best practices from two seasoned global corporate executives with over fifty years of combined industry experience. 

Bill Blackburn, former Vice President and Chief Counsel of EHS and Sustainability Leader at Baxter International, and author of The Sustainability Handbook—The Complete Management Guide to Achieving Social, Economic and Environmental Responsibility 

George Nassos, PhD., former executive at Waste Management, former Associate Professor and Director of the M.S. in Environmental Management and Sustainability program at Illinois Institute of Technology’s Stuart School of Business, and author of Practical Sustainability Strategies: How to Gain a Competitive Advantage

2018 Session  
DATE: May 7

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