Primary Research & Teaching Interests

Globalization, International and Cross-Cultural Marketing and Consumer Behavior, Recovering Economies, Food and Agribusiness Marketing, Macromarketing, Policy and Sustainable Development, Marketing Strategy and Management, Place Marketing, Entrepreneurship; formats include MBA, Undergraduate, Executive and Professional Education, Doctoral Seminars, and Site-Immersion courses.

Cliff Shultz presenting in South Africa

Professor Cliff Shultz, presenting at the 2018 EMCB Conference, in Johannesburg

Lecture at University of Sarajevo

Dr. Cliff Shultz, lecturing at the University of Sarajevo

Cliff Shultz at World Bank

Dr. Cliff Shultz presenting at the World Bank‌

Dr. Cliff Shultz at reception with Fulbright alumni and Loyola University Chicago MBA Students

Loyola University Chicago graduate programs, SEA Immersion Class with our good friend, Tuk! Thailand, 2011

Dr. Cliff Shultz making presidential address, 2010 Conference of the International Society for Markets and Development

Dr. Shultz and the Balkans field research team in front of the Parthenon

Dr. Shultz leading a discussion at the US-ASEAN Business Council Conference in Cambodia

Professor Cliff Shultz speaking at Fulbright/Mekong Development Center

Dr. Shultz with members of his Strategic Marketing class at the Fulbright Center in Ho ChiMinh City, Vietnam

Matthew Shultz experiencing the many forms of rice differentiation at Cho Ben Thanh, Sai Gon

Dr. Shultz with friends/mentors Professors Dickinson and O'Shaughnessy, and Marjorie O'Shaughnessy, in the old town of Dubrovnik

Matthew, deciding between Pepsi and Vietnamese sugar cane juice

Professor Shultz with ISMD friends at the Great Wall

Dr. Shultz at a barbecue with family and friends from the Vietnam Fulbright Program

Drs. Cliff Shultz, Pero and Tony Pecotich, following the liberation of Bihac, Bosnia

Drs. Cliff Shultz, Tim Burkink, Bruno Grbac and Muris Cicic, in Mostar, prior to the rebuilding of the bridge

Enjoying the gracious hospitality of Lijanovici, a prosperous food marketing and holding company in Herzegovina

 Dr. Cliff Shultz with soccer buddies in Vietnam

 Makeshift soccer pitch in Phnom Penh

 Professor Cliff Shultz in the shadow of the fallen Archduke, Sarajevo

Professor Cliff Shultz with colleagues from ASU and University of Tuzla at a tomato greenhouse run by refugees and displaced persons, near Tuzla

Prof. Cliff Shultz with an Angkor encore


Dr. Cliff Shultz with colleagues Dr. Dang Kim Son and 
Ms. Hoang Thuy Bang in front of Senator McCain's 
commemorative statue, Ha Noi


Scholars welcome


Brand-translation challenges

Dr. Shultz with Dr. Don Rahtz and the Tatanaki Brothers during field research in Giza ‌‌

Dr. Shultz with Dr. Don Rahtz and the Tatanaki Brothers during field research in Giza


Dr. Cliff Shultz surfing the pyramids (no kidding)


Dr. Shultz with ISMD buddies in Casablanca

Prof. Cliff Shultz with friend and co-author, Dr. Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai