Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business

Editorial and Policy Boards

Clifford J. Shultz II, Ph.D.

  • President, International Society of Markets and Development, 2007-2010.
  • Editor, Journal of Macromarketing, 2004-2010; editor for special issue on Vietnam, 2012.
  • Section Editor, Marketing and Development, Journal of Macromarketing, 1998-2010.
  • Editorial Review Board, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 1995-present.
  • Editorial Review Board, Journal of Macromarketing, 1995-present.
  • Editorial Policy Board, Journal of Macromarketing, 1997-present.
  • Editorial Review Board, Consumption, Markets and Culture, 2000-present.
  • Editorial Policy Board, Tržište (a.k.a., Croatian Marketing Journal), 1996-2011.
  • Editorial Advisory Board, Vietnam Marketing Journal, February 2004-present.
  • Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Economics and Development, 2011-present.
  • Policy Board, International Society of Markets and Development, 1997-present.
  • Editorial Review Board, Applied Research in Quality of Life, 2010-present.
  • Board of Trustees, Arizona Food and Drug Industry Education Foundation, 2000-2011.
  • Editorial Advisory Board, Securities Industry Daily, 1994-1996.


rs. Cliff Shultz, Mark Manfredo, and Tim Burkink in the ancient Athenian Agora, one of the world's most famous and historically important markets.