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‌Our next class launches June 28-29, 2018
The Governance Institute is divided into six 2-day modules taught by Andrew Keyt, Clinical Professor of Family Business at Loyola's Quinlan School of Business.  The Institute is tailored to assist you in building and improving your board and to train you on how to become an effective director.

The Institute's comprehensive curriculum addresses the major competencies and principles of family business governance and the interactions between family managers, board members, owners, and the CEO.  Peer support, experiential learning, and an immersive classroom environment are what set this program apart and are the keys to helping you and your fellow classmates experience transformational change.

Participants of the Governance Institute graduate with a comprehensive understanding of two overarching learning objectives.

How to Become an Effective Director
In order to become a successful Board Member, you will need more than just business acumen; you need emotional intelligence, strong communication skills and an understanding of family strategy.  Below is a snapshot of curriculum topics that will help boost your ability to make a meaningful impact as a Board Member.   

Topic 1
Managing Emotions and Communication
  • How to handle open dissent
  • How to be comfortable with brutal candor (giving and receiving)
  • How to be a good communicator
  • How to avoid being defensive
Topic 2
Basic Understanding of Business Disciplines and the Board’s Role
  • Strategy
  • Finance and Managerial Finance
  • Legal
  • Human Resources
  • IT
  • Industry knowledge (Willingness to learn industry)
Topic 3
Understanding of the Importance of Family Strategy
  • Comprehensive understanding of family business goals
  • How family business dynamics influence market-based decisions
  • The difference between family and non-family approaches to the marketplace
  • Recognizing the importance of family unity and commitment
Topic 4
Continuous Self-Improvement Attitude

Building an Effective Board
Focusing on the “self” is equally as important as focusing on the group.  A successfully functioning Board requires structure, governance and a collaborative spirit.  Below is an overview of curriculum topics that will help you build a solid foundation – one that will help your Board flourish. 

Topic 1
Understand the Role of the board in the family business system
  • Oversight - Hold the company accountable and not interfere
  • Monitoring performance
  • Assuring that there is a viable strategic plan and holding management accountable
  • Understanding goals and objectives of the shareholder group
  • Understanding ownership structure’s impact on the Board
  • Understanding fiduciary responsibility
Topic 2
Board Structure
  • Insider/Outsider Mix
  • Committee Structures
  • Officer Roles
  • Role of Chair
  • Role of CEO
  • Chairman/CEO Duality
Topic 3
Good Board process
  • Agendas
  • Recording Minutes
  • Board Recruitment and On-Boarding
  • Effective Evaluations
  • Dissenting
  • Decision Making
  • Personal and Group Biases
Topic 4
Collaborating and Communicating with Stakeholders
  • Within the Board
  • With Management
  • With Other Elements of the Ownership and Family Governance System

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