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From Crisis to Career

Meet Huy Nguyen

Huy Nguyen (MBA/MSF ’14) experienced the 2008 financial crisis as many Americans did. First, he lost his job. Then, he watched as other members of his family lost theirs, too.

Surviving the crash

It was a terrible blow to Nguyen’s parents in particular. They immigrated from Vietnam and worked hard to give their four children a better start. Growing up, Nguyen decided to rewrite his family’s future, and turning to Quinlan was among his most relevant actions. “A lot of these issues we found ourselves dealing with during the '08 crisis could have been avoided," he says. "I chose Quinlan because I want to be part of the business generation that won’t allow this to happen again."

1/3 Quinlan students are the first in their families to go to college. 

A perfect fit

Quinlan’s MBA and MS in Finance allowed Nguyen to focus on risk management—a natural extension, he says, of the school’s strong tradition in business ethics and social responsibility. The school’s engaged faculty, motivated students, convenient downtown location, and growing presence in Asia were other major draws. “The real thing that Quinlan provides you is the tool set to reach for any dream job that you may have,” Nguyen says.

28,000+ Quinlan alumni worldwide

Building better business

Nguyen’s dream is to help startups in emerging markets become more profitable by analyzing risk. “I just want to help,” he says. “I want to take all the knowledge and everything I’ve gained and find a way to give back to Vietnam—because the circumstances that my parents left 35 years ago were totally different than what I hope it to be in the future.”

14 percent of Quinlan students are international, representing 48 countries in total

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