Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business


Five Finalists

2014 finalists:

  • AfroProjectsHQ: a global online crowd funding business for Africa-focused projects that also provides project management services to ventures that become fully funded.
  • Better Together: assists elderly individuals who want to remain in their homes by enabling home sharing arrangements between these elderly individuals and other responsible adults.
  • BluFlame Ventures: a business involved in the production and distribution of clean cookstoves and ethanol cooking fuel in West Africa in order to replace unhealthy and inefficient stoves now in use.
  • Global Resource Recovery: will establish a recycling facility in Costa Rica which will pay for raw materials that are collected by local residents.
  • Life After Justice Center: a reentry home for individuals who are released from prison after having been fully exonerated of the crimes for which they had been convicted and sentenced.