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Academic Programs

Breadth of knowledge, depth of knowledge.

When deciding among the graduate program offerings at the Quinlan School of Business, it is helpful to determine what will be most valuable in terms of content knowledge – an MBA program, or a Specialty Master's Program.

For a broad business education that prepares students for a variety of management and leadership positions, a Quinlan MBA might be the best choice.

The fundamental core of the Quinlan MBA includes foundational courses in each of the principle disciplines of business – Ethics, Accounting, Economics, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Operations Management, and Statistics. Students then have flexibility in selecting their MBA elective courses, which can be targeted toward a specific area of concentration or they can be chosen among various areas of study to build a versatile skill set. The MBA concludes with a capstone experience - a valuable hands-on experience and resume builder for Quinlan graduates.

For the professional who wishes to delve deeply into one specific area of business, rather than the broad knowledge that is gained from the MBA, a Specialty Master's program could provide the competitive edge. The Quinlan School of Business currently offers Master of Science degrees in Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Integrated Marketing Communications, and Supply Chain Management.

If the desire is to work in a particular field, the Specialty Master’s degree allows a student to take more courses in the specialty discipline, enhanced with a few general business courses to prepare for management and leadership roles in related fields.

Quinlan also offers the option to pursue a dual-degree of both an MBA and a Specialty Master’s program, with some overlap in coursework to maximize the investment. Additionally, graduate certificates provide students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills in an area of specialty, within a short time frame.