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Grad Student Orgs

‌Being an active member of a student organization enriches your overall Loyola experience with friendships, leadership experiences, professional growth, and industry-specific knowledge. It also helps potential employers see your commitment to the program and to a balance between your academic and social life.‌

Graduate Marketing Association

The Graduate Marketing Association (GMA) is the Loyola student chapter of the American Marketing Association and strives to provide professional development, skill building opportunities, professional networking, and a supplemental college experience.

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Graduate Women in Business

The purpose of Loyola Graduate Women in Business shall be to provide Quinlan students and alumni with an opportunity to develop personally and professionally through addressing issues that women face in the workplace, as well as fostering relationships among current students, alumni, faculty, and business leaders. The organization focuses on three key components: networking, workshops, and speaker series.

President: Sarah Mastey
Vice President of Finance: Amy Han
Vice President of Professional Development: Open
Vice President of Membership: Anita Machuca
Vice President of Marketing: Open

Faculty Advisor: Linda Tuncay Zayer

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Human Resource Student Association (HRSA)

Loyola University Chicago Human Resource Student Association (HRSA) is affiliated with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and sponsored by the Northern Illinois chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management (NISHRM). The HRSA will endeavor to develop human resources students into future, dynamic human resources and business professionals. HRSA will accomplish its objectives through the organization of career development activities, participation in philanthropic activities demonstrating HRSA’s desire to provide support to the community, and hosting social activities to allow members to meet and mingle with each other, alumni, administration, faculty, and/or potential employers. In addition HRSA hopes to actively promote, facilitate, and maintain a top tier HRER program that is recognized nationally by employers, academic institutions, and professional organizations.

President: Jordan Magat
Graduate Vice President: Carlos Orengo
Undergraduate Vice President: Austust Grell and Joyce Jin
Secretary: Sam Wynn
Treasurer: Sara Ibrahim
Publicity Affairs: Emma Lee Hutter
Member Management: Anita Machuca
Community Service Chairs: Krizia Anne Andalajao and Maria Pimentel

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LUC Net Impact

Net Impact is an international nonprofit organization with over 280 chapters and 20,000+ members globally. The purpose of the organization is to inspire, educate, and equip students, professionals, and other like minded groups and individuals to use the power of business to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable world. LUC Net Impact is a student organization in the Quinlan School of Business that offers students the opportunity to attend professional development seminars, educate members on domestic and international issues, and connect with a growing global network that is already changing the world through business.

President: Omosinivie Odigo
Co - President: Kirstin Jones kjones35@luc.edu
Co - President: Shabareen Khan skhan92@luc.edu
Vice President of Community Outreach: Payla Patel
Vice President of Marketing and Communication: Taylor Sticha
Vice President of Communication and Outreach: Maria del Pilar Cuerda Jimenez
Vice President of Finance: Kurt Thorson
Vice President of Professional Development: Juwa Sergio
Vice President of Membership: Yu Jia
Joe Marchese jmarchese1@luc.edu
Henry Butsch hbutsch@luc.edu
Faculty Advisor: Nancy Landrum

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Quinlan Graduate Advisory Council

The Quinlan Graduate Business Advisory Council serves as a collaborative evaluation team committed to enhancing the educational experience at Loyola University Chicago by facilitating opportunities for positive change and growth. Meeting approximately every month, the council works to identify student concerns about relevant University issues and to enhance communication between students, faculty, and administration. Through direct, open dialogue with the student body, the council attempts to accurately represent the opinions of the school's constituency when assessing the effectiveness of the programs. For more information, please e-mail: quinlangrad@LUC.edu.

Staff Advisor: Mark Law

Quinlan Graduate Business Association

The Quinlan Graduate Business Student Association is an organization developed to enhance each student's graduate experience while pursuing his or her graduate business degree. In a nutshell, the organization was formed for the purpose of creating an avenue (such as social events, community service, speakers, etc) for classmates to get to know each other outside of the classroom. Through participation with the Quinlan Graduate Business Student Association, each student will encounter professional networking prospects, service opportunities within the Chicago community, and social occasions with Quinlan peers. All Quinlan GBSA activities are open to current students, alumni, faculty, and community leaders.

President: Michael Halgas
Executive Vice President: Max Van de Werken and Farid Kazi
VP of Events: Irina Volshina
VP of Marketing: Camila Latorre Sommerfeld
VP of Community Services: Anika Trujillo

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Quinlan Graduate International Club (Quinlan GIC)

Quinlan GIC is a student organization that is all about international education, be it studying in the USA as an international student or studying outside of the United States for a short duration. Quinlan GIC also aims to help international students from different countries in their transition into the American system and culture by providing support in any way possible. Through the club’s academic and networking events, as well as its cultural and social activities, graduate business students will have an opportunity to interact with other international colleagues who have successfully integrated into the United States economy, experience international cultures and customs first hand, and interact with fellow colleagues who are curious and interested about the world.

President: Steve Zhu
Vice President: ChingChing Tsao
Marketing Manager: Patrycja Bartela
Event Manager: Yisi Liu

Faculty Advisor: Mark Law

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For more information, please contact quinlan.gic.luc@gmail.com
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APICS LUC, Supply Chain and Operations Management

Loyola’s APICS chapter is a student association that aims to help Quinlan students obtain practical knowledge of supply chain and networking opportunities with professionals in the supply chain field. The APICS Loyola chapter serves both undergraduate and graduate students across all majors. Each year, the APICS LUC chapter helps students to participate in case competitions. During the training sessions and actual case competitions, students learn analytical skills as well as the experience of teamwork in the business environment. 

President: Tanvee Agrawal
Vice President: Kassandre McGovern
Secretary: Kassandre McGovern
Treasurer: David Lopez
Marketing Lead: Grace Sperr
Membership Lead: Maxine Scotty

Faculty Advisor: John Nicholas