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Continue to sharpen your leadership skills through an intensive study abroad experience at Quinlan. Our study abroad courses will help you develop the global, cross-cultural perspective needed by today’s leaders. You’ll gain key insights into international business, while also developing a strong network comprised of your classmates and the business professionals you’ll meet while abroad.Study abroad courses are open to both part-time and full-time students for full academic credit. Classes are taught by our top professors and are offered in a variety of disciplines.

 2019-20 Graduate Study Abroad Courses

CourseLocationProfessorTermTravel Dates    Application Status    
MARK 561
Comparative Consumer
Behavior and Marketing in Southeast Asia
Course description →
Clifford Shultz Winter 2019 January 2-12, 2020 
INFS 799
Service Oriented Solutions
Course description →
San Juan, Puerto Rico Carolyn Tang Kmet Spring 2020 March 1-7, 2020 TBA

MARK 569
EU Marketing in Crisis: From Ancient Greece to
Modern Greece Crises
Course description →

Greece Eve Geroulis Summer 2020 May 15-23, 2020 TBA

Application Process:

Fill in the online application by clicking HERE. Once the online application page opens, please follow the following instructions:
1.Login using your Loyola UVID and password.
2.Make selections from the drop-down menu as follows:
(a) Select the quarter for your course (winter, spring or summer).
(b) Select "travel registration"
(c) Select your course.
(d) Proceed to answer all the questions and provide required documentation.
3.Submit the student activity fee. The student activity fee (including deposit) can be submitted HERE.
4.Register for the course in LOCUS (once registration opens).
5.Register for Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI), an international emergency medical insurance plan. All students are required to enroll in CISI prior to going on a study abroad trip, per Loyola's TRAVEL INSURANCE REQUIREMENT.
Questions on the application process? Contact the Graduate Business Programs Office at 312.915.6124 or QuinlanGrad@luc.edu.

MARK 561: Comparative Consumer Behavior and Marketing in Emerging Southeast Asia

‌‌‌Professor: Cliff Shultz
Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand
Travel Dates: January 2 - 12, 2020
Course Description
The primary objectives of this course are (1) to introduce students to the interactive concepts of marketing, political economy, and culture and their dynamic relation to consumer behavior in emerging Southeast Asia; (2) to enable students to understand cultural, political, legal, and economic issues and appropriate business practices at corporate, national, transnational, and global levels; (3) to provide insights on effective marketing and management decision-making in unfamiliar or cross-cultural settings, particularly with respect to distinct Southeast Asian contexts and consumption dynamics in them; (4) to give students unique experiences with cultural immersion, which will result in personal transformation and a greater appreciation for the challenges, wonders, and opportunities in one of the most compelling regions of the world.  Please go to YouTube and Vimeo to view two sample videos made by students in previous classes.‌ Learn more about the SOUTHEAST ASIA STUDY ABROAD trip.

HRER 500/MGMT 479: Comparative HR and Employment Relations, India

Professor: Arup Varma
Location: Jamshedpur, India
Travel Dates: March 2 - 10, 2019
Course Description:This course offers students an opportunity to study global and comparative employment relations and human resource management in India. Students will have the opportunity to interact directly with local experts and businesses, as well as participate in case analyses with students at XLRI, a Jesuit university located in Jamshedpur, India. Learn more about the INDIA STUDY ABROAD trip here.


INFS 799: Service-Oriented Solutions

Professors: Carolyn Tang Kmet
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Travel Dates: March 1-7, 2019
Course Description
In this course, we will travel to Puerto Rico to witness, analyze and assist with recovery efforts.  In partnership with a local non-profit organization, we will help conceptualize and build a resource database that can be utilized by emergency management agencies across Puerto Rico in the event of future natural disasters.  Though this process, we will personally meet those who were impacted by Hurricane Maria. We will see firsthand the impact the Hurricane had on the infrastructure of this island.  And we will do something about it. Through this course, you will apply your education to achieve social impact. Learn more about PUERTO RICO STUDY ABROAD trip.

Old San Juan

MARK 569: Global Branding Solutions

Professors: Eve Geroulis
Location: Greece
Travel Dates: May 15 - 23, 2020
Course Description:
This course brings to life the challenges and opportunities of branding efforts in a global setting. Students will experience a mix of cultural activities and sites in two dynamic cities in Spain, as well as learn from experiential cases and projects. Specifically, students will work with L'Oreal, Spain as well as graduate students from Universidad Loyola Andalucia on a hands-on branding plan. Learn more about the GLOBAL BRANDING STUDY ABROAD trip here.

SCMG 799: Ethical and Sustainable Global Supply Chain Management

Professors: John Caltagirone & Michael Hewitt
Location: Seville, Spain
Travel Dates: May 26 - 31, 2019
Course Description:
This course addresses the challenges in managing operations in manufacturing and service organizations in a global context. The focus will be on a firm’s ability to coordinate its product design, production, distribution, and supply chain partners to meet the demands of markets and customers globally. Particular emphasis will be placed on cultural, economic, logistical, and geographical issues in dealing with customers, suppliers, and producers around the world. For example, designing efficient global operations that also accommodate local complexities. There will be at least 2 tours of manufacturing, distribution or retail firms. The lectures will be heavily focused on practical(real life) situations and ethics, sustainability plus responsible leadership will be a theme throughout the course. Learn more about the ETHICAL & SUSTAINABLE GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT trip here.

INFS 590: Global Strategy & Data, Croatia

Professors: Nenad Jukic & Cody Brown
Location: Zagreb/Baska Voda/Dubrovnik, Croatia
Travel Dates: June 8-16, 2019

Course Description:
Students will explore the power of using data to understand the world, as well as the limitations and shortfalls of data-only approach. To this end, the course will introduce students to the economy and business practices of Croatia and the surrounding former-Yugoslavia region, through the prism of data analysis and on-site experiences. Prior to leaving the US, students will be required to investigate Croatia via several publicly available databases, compare the country to its regional and European Union neighbors, and construct a picture of the country. The trip in Croatia will include company visits, talks by university professors and journalists, and a number of cultural experiences in three very different regions of the country. Throughout their stay in Croatia students will be required to evaluate (and re-evaluate) the accuracy of their data-driven picture formed prior to the trip and note any distortions in their initial image. At the end of the trip students will present their final picture and discuss how their experience conformed or deviated from their initial expectation or findings.‌ Learn more about the GLOBAL STRATEGY & DATA trip here.
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