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Juan Solis

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"A diverse program with numerous opportunities for professional exposure," says Juan Solis, MBA '08, MSF '10, of his experiences at Quinlan.

Degree: MBA ’08, MSF ’10
Occupation: Senior Manager, Risk & Compliance Practice at Protiviti

Why this program?

I actually have two advanced degrees from Quinlan—an MBA in corporate finance and derivative markets and an MSF in finance and risk management.

I chose to obtain my MBA and MSF from Quinlan due to the great location and innovative curriculum.

Back in 2006, I was working as a fashion designer and I decided to enroll in a graduate program that would allow me to gain a better understanding of finance and entrepreneurship so that I could sell my designs and continue doing what I loved.

I wanted to continue building my knowledge about fashion and entrepreneurship, and really learn all that I could about financial markets.  However, after I began taking classes in the program I found that I really had a passion for finance and risk, so I decided to drop entrepreneurship and focus on those two areas.

Favorite experience?

I really enjoyed forming strong relationships with all of my professors. They were really supportive of me and always appreciated how ambitious and dedicated I was to the program. These relationships got me through graduate school and are some of the strongest professional connections that I have made to date. 

I also enjoyed going to Spain with fellow business students for two weeks to study established European Union business strategies and meet with representatives from companies including Boeing. It was very interesting to compare how business was conducted in a different country and reflect on why we believed things were done in a particular manner. 

Advice to current students in the program?

Take the time to really study the curriculum and take the best classes according to your future career plans.And don’t be afraid to diversify your courses, because there’s a lot of things that you won’t learn in school. In fact, you’ll learn a majority of your core skills on the job.

So take advantage of your time in school and push yourself to take the challenging courses because ultimately they will make you a better professional.

Why Quinlan? (in 10 words or less)

A diverse program with numerous opportunities for professional exposure. 

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