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Master of Science in Human Resources: Loyola Offers International Experience

Loyola University Chicago’s global human resources study abroad program is a unique opportunity for students to take an intensive two week course abroad in countries such as India, China, Australia, and Ireland. As companies grow internationally, a global perspective and experience in human resources gives HR professionals a distinct edge.

Our global human resources curriculum and expert faculty allow students to experience the culture, ethics, and HR policies of successful global businesses abroad. Additionally, it offers them the chance to expand their professional network and gain international experience.

A global-minded human resources management professional is always in demand because he/she has the advanced skills and experience to help companies succeed in a global economy. Loyola’s global human resources study abroad program offers an enriched learning experience plus it serves as an excellent foundation for a competitive career in today's global society.

For over 70 years, more than 3,000 Loyola alumni have assumed leadership roles in the human resources field all over the world. Our study abroad program can accelerate your success.

Apply now! You can also request more information online or our downtown Chicago campus for more details on our Master’s Degree in Human Resources.