Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business


Master of Science in Human Resources (MSHR)

The M.S. in Human Resources can be pursued full-time or part-time. Students with three years of human resources experience take 12 classes. Students without experience take an internship class (HRER 415) in addition to the 12 classes.

Required courses for the degree are:

  • HRER 413: Compensation
  • HRER 418: Human Resources Law
  • HRER 422: Global Human Resource Management
  • HRER 429: Human Resource Development
  • HRER 462: Labor Management Relations
  • HRER 463: Staffing
  • HRER 490: Data Driven Decision Making
  • HRER 501: Performance Management
  • HRER 415: Internship (course ONLY required without three years HR experience)
  • MGMT 441: Business Ethics, or MGMT 446 International Business Ethics

Electives for SHRM Certification:

Students interested in sitting for the Society for Human Resource Management certification exams are advised to choose the following electives:

  • HRER 453: Incentive Pay and Employee Benefits
  • HRER 455: EEO Public Policy and Employer Practices and Policies

Other SHRM Elective Courses offered based on student demand:

  • HRER 412: Labor Law
  • HRER 417: Managing & Motivating in the Workplace (Effective Fall 2016, HRER 417 may be taken as an MSHR elective if completed in the first quarter of study only.)
  • HRER 419: Advanced HR Law
  • HRER 430: Strategic Organization Development and Change
  • HRER 433: Group Process and Facilitation
  • HRER 440: Labor and Employment Arbitration
  • HRER 442: Global Overseas Seminar on Human Resources
  • HRER 493: Collective Bargaining
  • HRER 498: Independent Study
  • HRER 499: Thesis
  • HRER 500: Special Topics in Human Resources and Employment Resources
  • HRER 502: Global Industrial/Employment Relations
  • HRER 503: Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Work Place

Students must complete 3 electives. Up to 1 elective may be non-HRER graduate business courses.