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Nicole Sborz

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"My favorite part of attending Quinlan was the chance to learn from well-respected professors who were still involved in the Chicago business community," says Nicole Sborz, MBA '13.

Degree: MBA '13
Occupation: Sr. Account Manager, Optimedia

Why this program? 

I graduated from Penn State with a degree in biology and worked as a research assistant at John Hopkins for almost two years. However, I decided that I wanted something different for myself in terms of my career. So after traveling the world for a year, I decided to purse my MBA to jumpstart my career in marketing.

I choose Quinlan due to my personal belief in the Jesuit system—I knew I would receive a world-class education, and its strong commitment to ethics. I believe that there’s more to business then cutting a profit and I felt that Loyola had the same outlook.

The Quinlan curriculum ensured that I was exposed to different aspects of business, and it adequately prepared me to meet the challenges of running various million dollar marketing accounts for top brands.

Favorite experience? 

My favorite part of attending Quinlan was the chance to learn from well-respected professors who were still active members of the Chicago business community. Learning from a textbook is important, but the personal stories and lessons from my professors at Quinlan have been invaluable to me.

Having those real-world examples, along with advice of my professors, allowed me to create a “playbook” to draw from that I’m currently using in my role as senior account manager at Optimedia. 

I also enjoyed learning with my classmates, who I consider to be incredibly intelligent men and women from diversified backgrounds. I was able to learn from my classmates, while forming meaningful relationships both inside and outside of the classroom.

Advice to students in the program?

I advise them to be present and pay attention in class, at work, or while networking because opportunities come when you least expect them to.

It's very easy to assume that something isn't worth your time or effort, especially after a long day or week at school and work, but you never know when a new project or casual drinks will turn into your next job opportunity or something greater.

Why Quinlan (in 10 words or less)?

A great program with a strong commitment to ethics. 

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