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David Ban

Undergraduate Degree: BS Finance

Undergraduate University: DePaul University

Why did you choose the Quinlan MSSCM: I decided to attend Loyola because it is the only accredited Supply Chain Master’s program in the state of Illinois. The program teaches the fundamentals of procurement, supply chain analytics, and inventory management. I believe these courses represent the skill set that employers will be looking for now and in the future.

Work History: Currently work for Stepan Company in leading their initiatives to improve their private tank car fleet.  I began my logistics career in 2002 working for CH Robinson in their TMC division for their Campbell's Soup account in customer operations.  Thereafter, I worked for 7.5 years at PCA managing over 70 freight carriers and 3 PL's and a transportation budget of around 75 million dollars.

Near-Term Career Plans: My near term goal is to complete my Masters of Science in Supply Chain in order to be groomed for a senior level supply chain position at a Fortune 1000 company.

LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/pub/david-ban/a/4a7/8a0

Jordan Bond

Undergraduate Degree: Business Management

Undergraduate University: University of Missouri-Columbia

MSSCM Completion Date: Nov-14

Why did you choose the Quinlan MSSCM: I chose Quinlan MSSCM because I wanted to balance both my undergraduate business management degree and leadership experiences with the specialized/technical expertise that the Master of Science affords. I also chose Quinlan because it is the only accredited university in the Chicago area that offers the MSSCM field of study.

Work History: After completing my undergraduate degree I began my career with BNSF Railway as a management trainee at corporate head quarters in Fort Worth, Texas and have since held two terminal operations front line supervisor positions in the Chicago land area. As a terminal trainmaster, I manage the terminal flow of Merchandise, Unit, Ag, Coal, and Intermodal train types which can consist of product categories such as UPS parcels, Bakken Shale crude, black thunder coal, consumer products, taconite, grain, dimensional loads, etc. In addition to managing the railroad traffic flow, I directly supervise the terminal crew base consisting of approximately 85 employees and indirectly supervise the Chicago northern line crew base consisting of 300+ employees.

Near-Term Career Plans: My near term career goal is to land a promotion within BNSF that provides both increased responsibility and a fresh perspective on the business.

LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/pub/jordan-anthony-bond/10/101/178/


Christian Briggs

Undergraduate Degree: BS Marketing

Undergraduate University: St. Louis University

MSSCM Completion Date: July-14

Why did you choose the Quinlan MSSCM: Liked the fact that it was a one year program and I was able to research supply chain management which made me want to learn more about the supply chain process and how to help companies improve their supply chain.

Work History: Supply Chain Intern, Robert Bosch Tool Corporation: May 2014 to Present; Business Tutor: August 2013-May 2014; Teaching Assistant: August 2012-December 2012

Near-Term Career Plans: Trying to obtain a summer internship in supply chain management while also seeking out a full time entry level position either in supply chain management or marketing. 


Pingting Li

Undergraduate Degree: Dual Degree Business Management and Financial Planning

Undergraduate University: Purdue University

MSSCM Completion Date: Dec-14

Why did you choose the Quinlan MSSCM: Transferred from Finance to supply chain from Loyola; Its in the center of  Chicago, lots of connections; Small program, professors care about individual development.

Work History: Worked/interned in different industries: Hotel, Sales, and Educational institutions. Now working in a music supply company as a retail order manager.  

Near-Term Career Plans: Will be interning with Deloitte in summer 2014 and intends to apply for supply chain analyst/consultant positions after graduation. 

LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/pub/pingting-li/24/404/485/

Richard Murphy

Undergraduate Degree: BA Mathematics

Undergraduate University: St. Olaf College

MSSCM Completion Date: May-14

Why did you choose the Quinlan MSSCM: I chose Quinlan because it had one of the few Masters of Supply chain in the Chicago area.  Quinlan also has a strong Alumni network and a great academic reputation.

Work History: I have worked in Operations Consulting for the past 15 years with a variety of companies, from one the Big Four Accounting firms to a small boutique firms and a few in between.

Near-Term Career Plans: To move out of consulting and start a career in one of the many manufacturing or distribution companies in the Chicago area.  I hope to use my experience and education to help my company compete worldwide.

LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/pub/rich-murphy/3/759/48a

Tim Narrigan

Undergraduate Degree: BS Accounting

Undergraduate University: Pennsylvania State University

Quinlan Dual Degree: MSSCM and MBA (Finance)

MSSCM Completion Date: Nov-14

Why did you choose the Quinlan MSSCM: Few universities offered specialized courses such as Inventory Management, Global Logistics and Lean Production Concepts. Quinlan's MSSCM program offered me an opportunity to pursue the specialized knowledge pursuant to my career goals. 

Work History: Tim interned and subsequently worked full time for KPMG's International Executive Service tax practice after completing his undergraduate degree. He primarily advised clients on global mobility and taxation issues and assisted in preparing tax returns and tax equalizations for expatriates and foreign nationals. Tim volunteers his time working for Surrey Services for seniors and Best Buddies Illinois.

Near-Term Career Plans: Tim will intern for WMS Gaming (wholly owned subsidiary of Scientific Games Corp.) as a Strategic Sourcing Analyst in the Summer of 2014.

Philip Richter

Undergraduate Degree: Economics

Undergraduate University: University of Wisconsin

Quinlan Dual Degree: MSSCM and MBA

MSSCM Completion Date: 2015-2016

Why did you choose the Quinlan MSSCM: I choose Quinlan MSSCM program because it is the only local major university to offer the program, with a strong focus on ethics. 

Work History: The last six years I have worked in the Accounts Payable for a healthcare provider, responsibilities include performing office manager duties.  Prior to my current position, I worked in a Best Buy warehouse scheduling and mapping delivery routes, as well as doing inventory counts. Also, I worked at a Grainger branch in the back warehouse pulling orders and performing cycle counts.  Right out of high school I enlisted into the Navy, where I spent four years as a Radioman (Communications department).

Near-Term Career Plans: Currently, looking for a position in supply chain to further develop what I am learning in the classroom.   

LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/pub/philip-richter/12/972/405/

Harold Dillow

Undergraduate Degree: BS Mechanical Engineering

Undergraduate University: University of Kentucky

Quinlan Dual Degree: MSSCM and MBA

MSSCM Completion Date: 2015 (MSSCM) and 2014 (MBA)

Why did you choose the Quinlan MSSCM: I chose Quinlan MSSCM because it gave me the opportunity to focus my studies specifically toward supply chain management.  Quinlan also allowed me to dual major with an MBA in Operations, which I feel gives me an edge on the competition.

Work History: I have worked 8 years in automotive manufacturing (Ford - 2 Years, Toyota - 6 years) and 3.5 years in healthcare.  My healthcare experience has been focused on process improvement and supply chain management.  I currently work at the University of Chicago Medical Center as Assistant Director of Supply Chain Project Management.

Near-Term Career Goals: My near term career plan is to continue pursuing supply chain management in healthcare, however, with my automotive experience I am also interested in industries outside of healthcare

LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/hdillow

Jai Sarvaiya

Undergraduate Degree: BS Public Affairs

Undergraduate University: Indiana University, Bloomington

MSSCM Completion Date: July-14

Why did you choose the Quinlan MSSCM: I chose Quinlan MSSCM because of the interesting and wide selection of courses offered as electives and the new Supply Chain and Value Center that is working towards creating a strong network within the Chicago and Midwest region.

Work History: I have worked in recruiting within Procurement and Supply Chain function for Fortune 500 companies based out of Chicago. For the summer, I will be one of the Supply Chain interns at ThyssenKrupp, a German based steel company. 

Near-Term Career Goals: I will be a Purchasing and Logistics Manager for a chemical manufacturing company based out of Mumbai, India.

LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/jai-sarvaiya/26/3/6b9

Stephen Taylor

Undergraduate Degree: BS Marketing

Undergraduate University: DePaul University

MSSCM Completion Date: 2017

Why did you choose the Quinlan MSSCM: Quinlan understands the emerging requirement of supply chain professionals in the workforce and is offering the first graduate school program in Illinois. I want to be part of Quinlan's success in providing value to the supply chain industry and inspire future students.

Work History: Steve is a procurement professional with over 10 years of experience in many industries including manufacturing, distribution, packaging, and food ingredients. At Morton Salt he is responsible for direct materials and third party manufacturing in the central procurement department. Prior to Morton Salt, Steve was responsible for procurement of flexible packaging at a distributor.

Near-Term Career Plans: I am interested in developing enhanced supply chain programs for a company on a global level.

LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/pub/stephen-taylor/57/175/338/

TJ Wiley

Undergraduate Degree: BS Microbiology

Undergraduate University: University of Rochester (NY)

Quinlan Dual Degree: MSSCM and MBA (Finance)

MSSCM Completion Date: Nov-14

Why did you choose the Quinlan MSSCM: After commencing my MBA program, I was impressed with the quality of the associated MSSCM faculty and chose to add an addition Masters degree.

Work History: TJ has over 18 years of leadership and management experience in operations and logistics as a senior military officer in the US Navy.  In the private sector, he has been an environmental consultant and project manager for 9 years, managing over $5 million in projects. Currently, he is a Supply Chain Management intern with the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation.

Near-Term Career Plans: He is seeking a management-level position where he can combine his education and experience in operations, supply chain, and data analytics to improve internal business processes and support long-term strategy development.

LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/tjwiley/

Kenneth Jones

Undergraduate Degree: BS Chemical Engineering

Undergraduate University: Texas A&M University

MSSCM Completion Date: 2014-2015

Work History: Since 1996, Kenneth has performed various engineering roles at several engineering firms and now serves as Senior Process Engineer at a firm in Lombard, IL. Additionally, he has traveled extensively to many international locations.

Near-Term Career Goals: Kenneth’s ultimate goal is to become Chief Supply Chain Officer; however, he currently seeks experience in process planning.

James Grady

Work History: Jim Grady has more than 30 years of leadership experience from building systems for a successful start-up business to managing supply chain initiatives. An accomplished entrepreneur and team member, his vision and expertise in business performance along with a rare blend of general management and strong supply chain management skills have carried him to high levels of responsibility to drive notable enterprise growth in several industry sectors: steel, construction and automotive.

Supply chain management is Jim’s passion and his area of concentration. Jim has a strong interest in SCM because of how it affects every area of an organization’s ability to operate in a lean profitable chain from working with supply partners to transforming raw materials into finished products that satisfy customer requirements.   Jim has a proven track record of business improvement and is known for his ability to quickly identify and diagnose areas of impediments and work to refine and produce positive results.