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Quinlan School of Business

Why Quinlan?

Why Quinlan

Benefits of Graduate Studies at the Quinlan School of Business

‌You're focused on the job you're doing, but you have big plans for the future as well. The question is: how will you get there? Loyola University Chicago's Quinlan School of Business offers graduate programs that will prepare you for your career ahead. Our wide range of degree options present opportunities for you to stand out as you position yourself for your next promotion. Quinlan's nationally ranked and respected programs are designed to help you take the next step in your professional life.

Extraordinary leaders are respected and trusted in their organizations as well as in their communities. How do they reach that pinnacle? They do so by acting with the confidence and conviction that comes with doing the right thing—not just for their company, but for all stakeholders as well. At Quinlan, you will learn from the successes and mistakes of business leaders and see how those principles translate into the work you are doing today, as well as the achievements you will strive to make tomorrow.