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The Supply and Value Chain Center engages a wide range of professional and academic resources to help your company address business challenges. We leverage our staff, faculty, and students to find innovative solutions to the supply chain obstacles affecting organizations today.

Our clients represent multiple industries, sizes, and structures. We address a wide range of challenges such as inventory reduction, project management, supply chain assessment, benchmarking, and supplier relationship management. We cater our approach and recommendations to what will be most effective for your unique organization. Our portfolio includes businesses from a variety of industries -- food and beverage, healthcare systems, automotive parts -- and varying sizes.

If you would like to learn more specifics about previously completed projects, please reach out to Harry Haney, hhaney@LUC.edu.

Below is a quick summary of projects completed in 2017:

bio-pharmaceutical component sales company profiles
  • Develop profiles of competitors, prospective partners, and prospective customers
  • Produce a report on product lines, business stability, size and market, financial details
  • SWOT analysis on competitors, prospective partners, and prospective customers
entertainment cost analysis
  • Cleanse data and build database
  • Perform profitability analysis to determine which locations should evaluated for closure
industry standards marketing program
  • Develop multi-pronged marketing program to elevate the firm’s profile and position them as a leader.  This including website updates, developing social media presence, leader engagement in industry gatherings
  • Competitive market research
injection molding accessories inventory optimization assessment
  • Detailed analysis on small number of representative SKUs
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Proposed change in Safety stock calculation and simulated savings of $90K across portfolio
  • Developed implementation roadmap
material handling equipment and services competitive analysis for contemplated service offering
  • Utilize market databases and conduct benchmarking to research the market and get an overview of services offered and relative prices
  • Analyze the results and formulate recommendations relative to pricing, benefits, and positioning for launch
paper manufacturing develop process maps and SOPs
  • Developed process map for inbound deliveries (drop trailers and live unloads)
  • Standard operating procedures for forklift operator, live and drop unloads
  • Developed exception report to track ongoing issues 
restaurant chain supplier relationship management
  • Designed a Supplier Engagement Strategy that maximizes the value of supplier partnerships
  • Designed tiered approach to metrics includes a mixture of internal and external data, forward and backward-looking measures, eliminated duplication, and is tailored to situation and supplier segment
  • Designed and facilitated a benchmarking / share session with one supplier and 2 leading organizations from different industries
  • Developed recommendations for implementation and training

Our Assets:

  • Students -- We often deploy our top scholars on projects to bring fresh perspectives and energy to the table.
  • Staff -- Our team comes from a variety of industries. We know what works and what doesn't from experience.
  • Faculty -- Loyola instructors range from skilled practitioners to leading researchers and enjoy examining real-life problems.
  • Global Network -- As a Jesuit higher education institution, we have access to a global network of data, case studies, and relationships.

Our Values:

  • Delivering actionable solutions
  • Maximizing inter-organizational collaboration
  • Engaging all available resources
  • Achieving desired outcomes

Have a business challenge not related to supply chain?

As part of the Loyola Business Leadership Hub, we have consulting resources fit for all types of projects. Please contact John Caltagirone, jcaltag@luc.edu, for more information.