Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business


The finalists for the 2016 Competition have been selected and are:

Grow Well Farms

Grow Well Farms is a for-profit indoor vertical farm that produces colorful and nutrient-packed microgreens; it encourages healthy eating by providing restaurants and juice bars locally grown greens and by increasing education about nutrition and small-scale agriculture.  It also employs veterans at the farm, as well as employs them in the production of microgreens, thereby providing them with hope, self-esteem and opportunity after leaving the armed forces.


Kulisha for-profit manufacturer of commercial grade aquafeed; it uses insects that it grows and harvests using its proprietary production facility and methodology to produce a pelletized commercial grade feed that it sells to small scale aquaculture farmers in Kenya.  This aquafeed will increase the yields of the farmers, helping to increase their profitability, while enabling the farmers to supply food insecure individuals in the region with healthy animal protein. 


Movimuestras is a medical test sample transportation system for health center and laboratories in Peru; the company will use motorcycles equipped with refrigeration units to move the samples to the testing laboratories in a safe and timely manner.  Currently, health clinics pricy private companies or taxis to transport the samples, which are not equipped with the necessary utilities to adequately transport the samples, resulting in sample contamination and untimely diagnosis.  


sharEd is a not-for profit organization that provides low-income schools in India and Bangladesh with published curricula, games and toys needed for age-appropriate instruction for pre-school children.  Schools subscribe to this service and receive themed lesson plans with structured activities and play materials for use in a particular classroom; when the curriculum is completed, the school returns the entire set of materials to sharEd so that they can then be used in another preschool.


Vikaas is a social enterprise that provides women living in the poorest slums of India with capital and resources they can use to grow mushrooms in their homes for a profit; Vikaas will also purchase the grown mushrooms from the women.  By enabling these women to increase their income, they will be better able to support their families, pay medical expenses, purchase food and other necessities, and allow their children to attend school.