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20 for ’20

20 for ’20

Quinlan alumni offer words of encouragement, advice, and congratulations to the Class of 2020.

The Class of 2020 joins the Quinlan alumni community during an unprecedented time of global uncertainty. But one thing is certain — Quinlan graduates have a lifelong connection to Loyola, to Quinlan, and to each other. 

The Quinlan alumni community stepped up to offer 20 for ’20: 20 or more words of support, advice, and congratulations to our Class of 2020. Watch:

More words of encouragement

“As both an alumnus and current faculty member at Loyola, I wish the Class of 2020 congratulations and best wishes for an amazing future. Best always.”
– Burton Abrams (MSIR ’72)

“You have sacrificed a lot and invested countless hours to come to this point. Your graduation is unique, well deserved, and merits to be celebrated. This is a milestone and also the beginning of a new venture. Go out there, take over the world and become the ambassador of the Loyola community. More importantly, join our alumni and give back to the community any way you can. Congratulations, Class of 2020!”
– Siloh Ngassa (MBA ’16)

“Your communities need your values and skills to overcome these challenging times. Congrats, Class of 2020!”
– Fabian Orta (BBA ’03)

“Congratulations, 2020 Ramblers! Remember to continue making meaningful connections, giving back to your community, and strive to make a difference!”
– Jonathan Boulahanis (BBA ’06)

“Congratulations on achieving this step in your life. May God watch over you as you sail on.”
– Frank Rzeszutko (MBA ’75)

“Congratulations to the Class of 2020, you go this. Put all your hard work into practice. Sometimes life could be cloudy but have patience the sky will clear out. Love what you do and follow your passion.”
– Nilesh Patel (BBA ’05)

“Congratulations, you have an excellent foundation to exceed in business. Enjoy your careers.”
– Elizabeth Jeske (BBA ’83)

“Congratulations! Education is power. Even if your future may seem unclear to you now, all the skills you've acquired and perfected earning your degree will help you plow a path through the darkest wilderness. Best of luck. Be brave. Seize the day and enjoy the ride.”
– Elizabeth Cicchetti (MBA ’91)

“Congratulations, remember to give back. AND if you do something good for someone and then tell others about it, you did it for the wrong reason.”
– Michael Barker (MBA ’75)

“Develop good habits and routines that include taking care of your body and soul.”
– David Pocs (MBA ’02)

“I have always cherished my Jesuit education. It is part of my being. We are stewards to the world.”
– Todd Kramer (BBA ’82)

“The academic foundation and the friendships developed will provide a lifetime of nourishment. Be proud and stay strong.”
– Tina Stiefel (BBA ’79, MSIR ’82)

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