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Alumna returns to Quinlan to talk to students about her experience

Alumna returns to Quinlan to talk to students about her experience

Alumna Annalise Schulter speaking to a Quinlan class.

Annalise Schulter (BBA '16) returned to campus for a whirlwind day, filled with presentations to four information systems classes taught by Professor Carolyn Tang Kmet.

Her topic: how her employer uses use data in both day-to-day operations and to develop strategy. Accompanying Schulter was her supervisor, Tom Kim, who is a current doctoral student at Loyola.

Tell me about your career.

Currently, I work as the HR generalist for Niles Township High School District 219. Our district contains three high schools. As the HR generalist, my main duty is to handle of all of the onboarding for hires. By onboarding, I initiate the hiring process of new hires, as well as current hires with new positions, into all of our information systems.

Why did you go into HR?

I consider myself very much a "people" person. I have always been interested in the inner-workings and the "behind the scenes" when it comes to how employees are treated within their own organization. I pride myself in both my communication skills and empathy, and I wanted a career where I could utilize those skills on a day-to-day basis.

Tell me about working with fellow alumni.

I work with many Loyola alumni, which has been fantastic! Not only is my boss a current Loyola doctoral student, but I also work with many other alumni who are both teachers and administrators.  I find that, collectively, we have adopted a similar work ethic because of Loyola's Jesuit values.

What was your favorite experience at Quinlan?

I had an unforgettable experience at Quinlan. Specifically, classes taught by Professors Carolyn Tang Kmet and Burton Abrams have made the biggest impact on my professional career. I constantly find myself referring back to things I've learned in their classes, and even my old notes! I am grateful to both of them and all the experiences I have had in their classes.

How has Quinlan helped your career?

The thing that Quinlan best helped prep me for is real-world experience. Unlike other schools, Quinlan put forth professors who gave insight on real-world scenarios. I was taken through journeys of working professionals and situations they had been a part of over the years. In turn, I got to learn more than any book could ever teach me.

Why Quinlan?

Quinlan molded me into the HR professional that I hoped I could be.

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