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Alumna uses Jesuit values at major lifestyle brand

Alumna uses Jesuit values at major lifestyle brand

Alumna Dylan Mullen uses Jesuit values in her work for a major lifestyle brand

Dylan Mullen (BA ’13) never thought that she would work for a major lifestyle brand, but her experience at Loyola helped her develop a career path focused on health and wellbeing.

She serves as the director of business development for goop, a major wellness and lifestyle brand launched by actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Mullen joined in 2015 when goop employed fewer than 20 people. In four years, the staff has grown to more than 250 people.

Below, Mullen describes her professional journey and how she finds meaning in her career.

What made you chose this career?

Because of Loyola, I wanted to do something that was making a difference in some way. My Jesuit education challenged me to make sure that whatever I do is done with purpose and has good intent behind it.

My pharma internship during undergrad made me feel like I was working toward something that mattered – the health and wellbeing of people around the world. The internship led to my first job out of college at a digital media agency, where I worked on the Pfizer account and on brands that were treating lifelong conditions.

When I was looking to leave that agency, it was perfect that I found goop. At our core, goop strives to provide women guidance on how to have autonomy over their lives, especially in their health and wellbeing.  We distill information and products across style, beauty, travel, culture, food and wellness, through content and commerce channels.

Tell me about your job at goop.

I kind of started on the ground floor and have grown with the company ever since. I have been able to rotate positions and contribute to a variety of different teams.

Currently, I split my time between business development partnerships like brand collaborations and leading the event planning and marketing for goop’s health and wellness summit, In goop Health. We have already done five and are excited to launch two more this year. We are even doing our first event overseas in London this June. 

What makes goop unique?

I wanted to work for a brand that is incredibly authentic and has a strong vision. We're such an anomaly in that we’re redefining “new media” through content, commerce and experiences.  Also, the number of talented and successful women running goop is unmatched. It seemed like 99% of the company was female when we first started, and it was such a refreshing environment.

I couldn’t imagine working for a company that didn’t have a feminine energy and that is understanding of all that comes with being a working mom and being a woman in general. It’s so important to have that positive force.

Any advice to Loyola students?

Always listen to your gut and your intuition. You’ll know when a decision is right for you because of that fuzzy feeling deep down in your soul. It’s so important to follow that instinct.

My last pieces of advice are to always be gracious, always be pleasant, and keep connections. You never know where it’s going to help you.