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"Learning and fun" describe Christopher Trinkus’s four years at Loyola

"Learning and fun" describe Christopher Trinkus’s four years at Loyola

Christopher Trinkus reflects on the value of a socially conscious business degree during a digital send-off for his fellow seniors.

At Loyola, Christopher Trinkus (BBA ’20) found his career and a supportive community to grow with over his lifetime.

“There’s so much I’m going to miss about my time here,” says the marketing major. “I didn’t believe people when they would tell me how fast college would fly by, but it’s so true. It feels like yesterday I was a freshman orientation, and yet I’m wrapping up my senior year already.”

Reflections from the Class of 2020

To celebrate the Class of 2020, Trinkus and other Quinlan students created brief digital send-offs discussing Loyola, the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, and their hopes for the future. Watch Trinkus’s message:

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Holding onto the ‘lasts’

Graduating seniors cherish their “lasts,” such as their last class, last visit to the Information Commons, and last dinners with friends before going off to start their careers. Those moments looked different for this year’s class.

“When we learned that classes would be moved online, I had already had my last in-person class at Loyola without even knowing it,” says Trinkus. “Some friends and I took the campus shuttle to Water Tower Campus to have our last ride on the shuttle. It was weird, I wasn’t prepared to already be starting those lasts.”

Classes and community

What Trinkus will miss most after graduation is the community he built at Loyola. 

“Every day I would go downtown to Schreiber for class, and in between I’d stop at the Schreiber steps to connect with people. There was always someone I knew hanging out there between classes. Just those few minutes to stop and talk to people created a feeling of community,” says Trinkus. “It was a great combination of learning and fun.”

He is also grateful for the relationships he built with faculty.

“There are professors I’ve gotten to know well during my time here and build relationships with,” says Trinkus. “I know they will continue even after I’ve graduated, but I will miss seeing them in class every day.”

Looking to the future

Trinkus already has a position lined up in business development for Oracle Netsuite in Chicago.

“I’m relieved to be able to start my career right away,” he says.

Trinkus encourages his classmates to take the Jesuit values to heart and to lead by example throughout their lives. In his digital send-off, he points to the example of Michael Quinlan (PhD '67, MBA '70), the namesake of the Quinlan School of Business, as a socially minded business leader.

“Let us create a life, not just of memories, but a legacy of not only success but helping others as well. We only have one precious life to live on this planet. Let’s go make the most of it.”

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