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CME Scholar Tania Guzman seeks to empower others with a career in finance

CME Scholar Tania Guzman seeks to empower others with a career in finance

CME Scholar Tania Guzman at the CME Group orientation.

Tania Guzman (BBA ’20) is passionate about social justice and increasing opportunities for women and people of color.

Thanks to a CME Group Foundation Scholarship, she is now able to focus on her degree and how she can lift others up, too. The scholars program supports underrepresented students with a variety of majors in finance and technology. More about this program →

Below, Guzman reflects on her journey to Loyola and her career plans.

Why did you pick Quinlan for college?

I'm from Mexico. I came with my family when I was 16 years old. My parents wanted my brother and me to have a better future.

I transferred here two years ago. Before, I was going to Harold Washington College, where I was involved in extracurricular activities at school. Then my father passed away. I dropped half my classes, and then the next semester I took off.

After taking some time off, I came to Loyola. I knew it’s in Chicago and is the best business school in the city, so it was my first choice. So here I am.

Why finance?

I'm really into investing and trading. That’s where my passion is. After I graduate, I want to become a financial analyst. I do investing and trading on my own, so I've been working on this skill.

Being a minority with English as my second language and being a woman, it's hard to enter the field. It's really important to empower women and minorities to help them reach their potential, and the CME scholarship certainly does that.

How does finance allow social justice?

My passion is to help empower others who want to make the world better. When you invest in someone, you can choose to invest in those who want to make this world a better place, which is what I want to do.

Quinlan has different organizations to support this. Our classes, such as business ethics, teaches us about consequences that poor business leadership can allow, and how to ensure we are treating everyone with justice. The most amazing professor I've ever had is Kevin Lee. He empowers every student when he teaches and it's really amazing.

What does this scholarship enable you to do?

I always worked while going to school, and now I don't have the stress of having to work all the time. It allows me to be more involved. I can learn more, focus more, and be less stressed.

Tell me about your goals.

I want to be a CFO. That's my long-term goal. I want to empower. I want to do investing and trading. I'd be happy focusing on capital or working at an investment firm.

I just completed the month-long annual CME trading challenge, a project where you and your team work over the month on trading and investments to create the greatest portfolio by the end of the challenge.

I looked at the photos from last year—and the pictures from last year only feature men. And most of them are white. Women and minorities need to be there, doing this challenge. So I formed a group of all girls. We’re going to be in those pictures this year.

What sets Quinlan apart?

It's the people who empower you and help you grow. There's amazing faculty who are really good at what they do. They all have strong backgrounds, and their passion shows when they're teaching.

Advice for students?

Get more involved with school and extracurriculars. Network, network, network. That's so important, even if you're a freshman. Get involved in your field early. Take someone out to coffee who you want to work with! Do anything and everything that you can to learn. It will be so beneficial.

For women and minorities entering the field, sometimes you won't be taken seriously. We have to work extra hard. And minorities have to work extra, extra hard. We do have some benefits from organizations pursuing to bring women and minorities in, but the finance field is white male. But I know I'm very strong, and my colleagues who are women or minorities are very strong too, and we will break the glass ceiling, whatever it takes.

Describe Quinlan in 10 words.

Empowering our students to get a seat at the table.