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Dennis Nirtaut’s passion for teaching led him to Loyola

Dennis Nirtaut’s passion for teaching led him to Loyola

Executive Lecturer Dennis Nirtaut teaching Global Human Resources Management.

Executive Lecturer Dennis Nirtaut joined Loyola after a long corporate career, including serving as a vice president in human resources. He had always been interesting in teaching—including teaching part time—and when he heard about a full-time position at Quinlan, Nirtaut decided to commit.

Nine years later, he retired from Quinlan. Below, he reflects on teaching at Quinlan.

“Nearly 10 years ago, I was in a corporate position in human resources as a vice president. I was a career HR professional who had an interest in teaching, and I had been teaching part time. I got a call from Loyola informing me that they had a full-time teaching position open. I interviewed for the position and it was soon offered to me. I accepted the offer and never looked back.

“I very much enjoyed the academic environment: It will be an experience I will not forget.

“A consistent piece of feedback I have gotten from students was my passion for what I taught. I do hope my passion positively influenced students. And I certainly enjoyed interacting with faculty along the way.

“The irony of me leaving at this time it that I never had an interest in teaching online. So here we are in the last half of my last semester at Loyola and I am teaching online. I proved to myself that I can do it…but happy I will not have to do this again. Give me the classroom!

“My only regret is that I won’t be able to say goodbye face to face to the students and faculty members. A special thank you to Professor Dow Scott who supported me along the way. It has been a great nine years.”

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