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U.S./Europe double degree program opens career opportunities, says student Steve Hornik

U.S./Europe double degree program opens career opportunities, says student Steve Hornik

Hornik, who just returned from a summer in Rome (pictured), begins his studies in Seville, Spain, this fall.

Quinlan student Steve Hornik knows what he wants to do after college: launch a business career in Europe or at an international company based in the United States.  

Quinlan’s U.S./Europe Double Degree Program is helping him get there. The program is designed to help students maximize their marketability and serve as an entry point into international business.

Students earn two bachelor’s degrees in four years: one from Loyola University Chicago and one from Universidad Loyola Andalucía in Spain. Along the way, students spend two semesters in Seville, Spain, one semester in Rome, and the remaining semesters in Chicago.

Hornik, who just returned from a summer in Rome, will begin his studies in Seville, Spain, this fall. While in Spain, he is blogging about his experiences.

Here, Hornik talks about his experiences in the program to date.

Why join the double degree program?

I started at Loyola as an international business major, but once I learned of Quinlan’s double-degree program, I changed my major.

The most appealing aspect of the program has to be the opportunities that open up when you graduate through international experience gained by studying in Europe. 

With a European Union degree, you'll have an understanding of how business works in Europe, and a competitive advantage over other applicants with no international experience when applying for jobs.

Tell us about your time in Rome

Academically, I studied ancient Roman architecture and learned how it greatly advanced architecture throughout the world.

My time in Rome also allowed me to explore the beautiful and historical churches immortalized in time by photographs and movies. I learned why the churches were formed and the stories of the saints from the churches.

I also learned the importance of living in the now and creating great memories to share with my family and friends back home in Chicago. Often young people, myself included, obsess over their future and miss out on what’s in front of them.

Why should students read your blog?

I know for most students, certainly myself, the decision to study abroad isn’t an easy one to make. A lot goes into the decision such as cost, safety, and how time abroad can best benefit you as a student and emerging professional.

My blog is a platform to share my study abroad experience with students at Loyola, and hopefully it encourages others to study abroad and gain valuable international business experience, while having a once in a lifetime adventure with friends.

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