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Entrepreneurs: Find resources at Loyola's new startup incubator

Entrepreneurs: Find resources at Loyola

Ignite Lab gives Loyola students, faculty, and staff from all disciplines the resources to start their entrepreneurial dreams.

Biology students with ideas for an app. Philosophy faculty mulling a new business.  Residence Life staff excited to launch a consulting practice. If you're unsure how to start, help is here!

All Loyola students, faculty, and staff can now access resources to make their ideas a reality.

Ignite Lab is the new virtual startup incubator at Loyola. It helps jump start the entrepreneurial ideas of the Loyola community through mentorship and other support.

Support and services for entrepreneurs

Ignite Lab hosts events and provides individualized services for its members. The free membership is open to anyone curious about working at a startup or founding a new venture.

The incubator organizes resources from across Loyola. Partners include the Quinlan School of Business, College of Law, School of Communication, and Department of Computer Science.

Services available to members can include:

  • Faculty and professional mentorship
  • Legal services and support
  • Workshops by industry experts
  • Financial support

Members also receive access to:

  • 1871, Chicago’s leading community for startups and corporations
  • CME Group Foundation Business Analytics Lab within Quinlan

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Your accountability partner

Student Stephanie Lancz is excited by the accountability that the lab offers.

“Starting a business on the side, especially as a full-time student, is difficult,” says Lancz. "The factor of accountability through Ignite Lab helps keep ideas moving.”

The lab's student members also appreciate help moving their business forward. In a recent survey, they ranked accountability and mentoring as the most valuable resources offered by Ignite Lab.

Skills that benefit everyone

U─čur Uygur, a Quinlan professor and director of Ignite Lab, encourages the entire Loyola community to get involved. He also invites students to consider the entrepreneurship courses in Quinlan.

“In our courses, students develop technical knowledge that only amplifies over their lifetime,” says Uygur. “Students find that they benefit from these skills regardless of their career path.”

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