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Student lands 'No. 1 internship'

Student lands

Seek and ye shall find. That was Andrew Fenske's objective—and it's landed him a summer stint at Google, rated the best place to intern for 2013 by Glassdoor.com

So how did this senior marketing major make it to the top of the company's search?

"I did all this research and ended up making a study guide about their CEO, their products, and their services," Fenske says, adding that he also crafted a cover letter using pictures to gain attention.

Piqued with interest, the company was just as unconventional in its approach, asking him questions like "What is the current soundtrack of your life?" during the interview process.

They liked what they heard.

Fast-forward four months later, and Fenske will be working as an associate account strategist in the company's Ann Arbor, Michigan, office.

So what exactly does the job entail?

"I will act as a middleman between Google and their clients, helping them use services, such as AdWords and Analytics, to maximize their business output," says Fenske, a cross country, track, and field star who's already won numerous accolades for being quick on his feet.

Now that's an optimal match.

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