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Impact Leaders Series inspires purpose-driven young professionals

Impact Leaders Series inspires purpose-driven young professionals

The inaugural cohort of Impact Leaders participated in workshops like this one about designing social enterprises, as well as panel discussions, to learn more about the intersection of profit and purpose.

Over the course of six months, 80 emerging leaders committed to an exciting new series of conversations about the intersection of profit and purpose hosted by the Baumhart Center for Social Enterprise and Responsibility

The Impact Leaders Series is an exclusive annual series that brings together rising leaders to engage in workshops and panels with accomplished purpose-driven professionals. Right after announcing the series in October 2019, the Baumhart Center was flooded with applicants.

“The next generation of business leaders are demanding purpose-driven careers,” says Senior Program Manager Emily Nordquist. “They want to feel fulfilled in their work and know that they are effectively moving the needle on important social and environmental issues. We can capture this enthusiasm by using our resources as a leading business school in social purpose to support these emerging leaders to eventually take over their companies with a mindset of marrying profit and purpose and leading with values first.”

Conversations and community

In 2019-20, the Impact Leaders Series hosted four events:

  • Impact Investing and Environmental Social Governance (ESG)
  • Managing for Impact
  • Driving Impact in Education
  • Leading for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In addition to learning about these critical topics, the Impact Leaders formed a strong community of like-minded professionals and began to connect to the Baumhart Center’s broader network of professionals.

The inaugural cohort of the Baumhart Scholars served as natural role models for the Impact Leaders, participating in the series as featured speakers and panelists in conversations about their  leadership in social business. See the featured speaker list →

“Our Scholars come from diverse sectors and have distinct interests when it comes to accelerating impact,” says Nordquist. “The Scholars are already inspiring incredible change through their careers. They’re accessible as peers while still being inspirations for young professionals who are seeking to pursue an impact-driven career.”

Future of business leaders

The engagement of so many young professionals in the Impact Leaders Series gives hope for changing the future of business, as rising leaders explore how to do well and do good, together. Impact Leaders Series will launch its second cohort in the fall.

“It’s through programming like this that we will create noticeable change and move the needle for corporate responsibility and create a more equitable, just world,” says Nordquist.

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