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Innovation at Quinlan

Innovation at Quinlan

Innovation is part of Quinlan, from our new building to the unique partnerships we have with business.

At Quinlan, innovation means unique partnerships with the business community.

From student-run business consulting agencies to our new business leadership hub, Quinlan is giving students hands-on experience, while also strengthening local and mission-focused organizations. Read about some of our newest innovations:

Loyola Business Leadership Hub

The Loyola Business Leadership Hub connects businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies to the experts, research, and resources of the Quinlan School of Business, Loyola University Chicago, and the global Jesuit network of colleges and universities.

The hub includes the following five centers:

  • Supply and Value Chain Center
  • old-site
  • Baumhart Center for Social Enterprise and Responsibility
  • old-site

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Urban Social Benefit Incubator

Launched in spring 2016, the Urban Social Benefit Incubator creates innovative solutions to help marginalized communities in the fight against poverty.

The incubator is staffed with students, staff, and faculty from all schools at Loyola and is overseen by the leadership of the Loyola Business Leadership Hub in Quinlan. Services include providing counsel, organizing resources, and creating strategic businesses plans to help better serve target audiences.

In the last six months, the incubator has counseled social enterprises including A Safe Haven, EATS Groceries, Greater Roseland West Pullman Food Network, and Top Box Foods.

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Rambler Consulting Group

The student-founded and student-run Rambler Consulting Group was created in fall 2015 to provide businesses with new insights and Loyola students with additional hands-on experience.

Rambler Consulting Group works with businesses and government agencies on supply chain management, information systems, marketing, finance and accounting, and business plan strategy and development.

Student teams are drawn from within Quinlan and other schools at Loyola, and are advised by senior Loyola faculty and staff.

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InQbate, a student-run and -staffed integrated marketing communications agency, launched in spring 2016.

InQbate offers marketing, advertising, and branding services in the greater Chicago area, with a focus on the Edgewater and Rogers Park communities surrounding Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus.

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An innovative, sustainable home

When our faculty, staff, and students aren't working in the field, they are learning in the Schreiber Center, our new home on Loyola's Water Tower Campus in downtown Chicago. Our 10-story glass facade illustrates that we both invite the community into Quinlan and go out into the community.

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More innovation at Quinlan

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